Phoenix Among Men Chapter 211

“So Master Wu Wei is here too? Let me guess what senior uncle has come to do!” Liao Fei was not angry, but had a sneer on his face, “I guess you must be here to cure Little Sister, I heard that you got a jade ruyi made of warm jade, so you must be using that to cure Little Sister, but let me tell you, Little Sister is a body of ice crystal, your stupid thing is useless, it might even break!”

As soon as Liao Fei’s words landed, Daoist Master Bu Xu and Daoist Master Wu Wei were both stunned, their eyes full of disbelief, they couldn’t imagine how this Liao Fei knew all this?

“What nonsense are you talking about, what ice crystal body, it’s just nonsense, now you get lost right now!”

The duster in Daoist Wu Wei’s hand instantly swung towards Liao Fei!

Just now Chen Ping said something about the body of ice crystal, now that Liao Fei also said something about the body of ice crystal, if this is true, then where can Daoist Wu Wei’s old face be ashamed, so he wants to drive this Liao Fei away!

Liao Fei sneered and grabbed Daoist Wu Wei’s duster: “Master Wu Wei, at an old age, don’t fight and kill, be careful of flashing your back, in that case, won’t my handsome little senior mother suffer!”

“b*****d, I’ll kill you!”

Daoist Wu Wei was furious, after shedding his duster, he kicked at Liao Fei!

Daoist Wu Wei had indeed married a wife who was much younger than him and was also very pretty, now this Liao Fei, being a junior, had spoken out against him, how could Daoist Wu Wei stand it!

Liao Fei coldly smiled in the face of Daoist Wu Wei’s attack, and likewise followed with a kick.

Boom …………

Daoist Wu Wei was directly kicked out and smashed heavily on the ground!

“Senior brother …………”

Daoist Master Bu Xu’s face panicked as he hurriedly ran over and helped Daoist Wu Wei up.

Daoist Wu Wei’s eyes were filled with shock, he didn’t expect that after only seeing him for two short years, Liao Fei’s strength had become so high!

Chen Ping looked at Liao Fei, his eyes slightly stared, he just felt the fluctuation of meaningful aura at the moment Liao Fei made his move!

“Could it be that this fellow is also an immortal cultivator?”

Chen Ping’s heart was filled with doubt, because within his perception, apart from Old Dragon Head, he had not come across anyone who could harness aura, and those who could harness aura were all immortal cultivators!

“Master Wu Wei, you guys are already old, as the saying goes, the wave after the Yangtze River pushes the wave before it, you guys should just resign yourselves to your fate, I’m only here to help Little Sister cure her illness, why are you forcing me?”

Liao Fei said indifferently.

“Liao Fei, you …… how did you suddenly increase your strength so much?”

Daoist Wu Wei was wondering what kind of chance this Liao Fei had that his strength had increased so quickly!

“Hahahaha, this is my secret, I can’t tell you guys, but my master has now worshipped at the Fierce Underworld Guan, I can be the next Fierce Underworld Guan master!”

Liao Fei laughed out loud, his face full of smugness!

“b*****d!” Daoist Wu Wei’s face was full of anger, “Even if you betrayed your master, how dare you worship under the Demon Dao, it’s a disgrace, I must clean up the sect today!”

Daoist Wu Wei said, about to strike at Liao Fei again!

“Senior brother!” Daoist Wu Wei stopped him, it was obvious that if they fought on, they were no match for that Liao Fei either!

“Make a move, you guys can’t beat me at all either, so why bother asking for humiliation? I said I was here to heal Little Sister, why don’t you all believe me?”

Liao Fei had a few moments of impatience on his face.

“Liao Fei, I don’t believe you are only here to cure Little Rou, name your conditions?”

Daoist Master Bu Xu asked.

“Master Bu Xu, I followed Xiao Ru as a childhood friend, I just want to cure Xiao Ru now and then let her marry me, this is not too much, right?”

Liao Fei smiled faintly, and his eyes glanced hotly at Xiao Ru on the bed!