Phoenix Among Men Chapter 212

“Dream on, my daughter will not marry you even if she never marries in her life, better stop dreaming!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu gritted his teeth and said.

“Master Bu Xu, if I don’t save Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru won’t survive more than three days, do you want to watch your daughter die?”

Liao Fei was not angry and said with a confident face.

“This Mr. Chen also saw that Xiao Ru is a body of ice crystal, do you think you are the only one who knows that? As the saying goes, there are people outside the sky, don’t think too highly of yourself!”

After Daoist Master Bu Xu finished speaking, he looked at Chen Ping with a respectful face and said, “Mr. Chen, you said you could cure my little daughter, then I’ll be grateful, we’ll go out now!”

Just now, Daoist Master Bu Xu still had doubts about Chen Ping, but after this Liao Fei came and said surprisingly the same thing as Chen Ping, then his trust in Chen Ping increased a few more points.

He would rather trust Chen Ping than that Liao Fei, a traitor had no credibility to speak of!

Liao Fei looked at Chen Ping and his brow just furrowed.

How could he have imagined that there was still someone in this world who knew about the Ice Crystal Body?

To know what he said, he did not know this himself either, but what his ancestor, Daoist Exterminator, the former master of the Vicious Underworld Sect, had told him, Liao Fei’s master had left the Thunderclap Sect and re-entered under Daoist Exterminator.

This Daoist Exterminator was so strong and wielded a Seven Star Death Sword that no one dared to mess with him, otherwise this Liao Fei would not have been able to spare Daoist Master Bu Xu just by barging in on the Thundering Goddess!

“Not only can I cure the disease, I can also give your daughter a great chance, you guys can go out for now!”

Chen Ping said with a slight nod!

“Liao Fei, see, Mr. Chen can cure Xiao Ru just as well, you’d better die and leave quickly, or else don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu said to Liao Fei.

“Nonsense!” Liao Fei’s face changed, “This ice crystal body, absorbs extremely strong Yin and Cold Qi, even Old Daoist Wu Wei’s Jade Ruyi can’t do anything about it, what can this kid do?”

Liao Fei became anxious, and no longer pretended to act, and directly addressed Daoist Wu Wei as Old Dao, which made Daoist Wu Wei angry, only that he was no match for that Liao Fei, and could only put up with it for now!

“If I can’t do anything, then what can you do?”

Chen Ping asked towards Liao Fei.

“Of course I can, I have the Seven Star Disc given to me by my master, this thing can absorb even the glow of the sun and moon, not to mention the smallest of Yin and Cold Qi!”

With that, Liao Fei took out a compa*s-like object, but it was only the size of a palm and had the shape of seven stars on it, but nothing else was special!

But when Liao Fei took out the seven-star disc, a hot light appeared in Chen Ping’s eyes, just like an old pervert seeing a beautiful girl!

At this moment, in the Seven Star Disc, a large amount of spiritual energy was faintly emerging, and the spiritual energy fluctuation that Chen Ping felt just now was not from Liao Fei’s body, but from this Seven Star Disc.

This is a treasure, a treasure that he must get ……

Chen Ping had already made up his mind that he must get his hands on this Seven Star Disc, no matter what, he would kill this Liao Fei!

“Hmph, a broken compa*s is just a broken compa*s, my Jade Ruyi won’t even work, with just what you have in your hand, how can you possibly absorb the Yin Cold Qi from Xiao Ru’s body?”

Daoist Wu Wei snorted coldly.

In his opinion, it was just an ordinary compa*s, but just a little smaller!

“Ignorant, thanks to your age, if I don’t let you see it, you won’t even know the power of the Seven Star Disc!”

Liao Fei said and suddenly shone the Seven Star Disc towards Xiao Ru!

The Seven Star Disc instantly emitted a dazzling light, followed by the cold Qi from Xiao Ru’s body, which was rapidly drained from Xiao Ru’s body and sucked into the Seven Star Disc!

Xiao Ru’s face, which was originally pale and frosty, was now rosy and her eyes were slowly opening!