Phoenix Among Men Chapter 213

“Xiao Ru!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu saw his daughter awake and rushed over in excitement.

“Dad …………”

Xiao Ru looked a little timid as she arrived at the room with confused eyes and saw many people around!

“Xiao Ru, you’re really scaring Dad to death, do you know you’ve been in a coma for days?”

Daoist Master Bu Xu was in tears!

It was said that to cultivate immortality into the path, one should cut off the seven emotions and six desires, but how many people could do that?

“Senior Uncle Bu Xu, do you believe me now?” Liao Fei smiled coldly with a full face, “But let me tell you, I have only temporarily made Xiao Ru wake up, if I don’t do something to heal her, she will still turn into her old self.”

“I’m telling you, I’m the only one in this world who can cure Xiao Ru’s ice crystal body, everyone else is a liar, if Master Bu Xu has figured it out, then throw these liars out!”

“Who are you calling a liar? You look like a liar to me, holding a broken bronze mirror like a thing, what’s with the bull, have the guts to throw that thing away and have a competition?”

Su Yuqi had long been uncomfortable with this Liao Fei, stood out with a fierce face and said.

Liao Fei looked at standing out Su Yuqi, a brilliant light in his eyes, not angry, but lustfully looked at Su Yuqi: “The others can go away, but this young lady can stay, such a strong temperament, really likeable!”

“Bah, rubbish!”

Su Yuqi fiercely pooh-poohed!

Liao Fei froze, wiped a handful of spittle from his face, and was instantly furious: “Little girl, do you believe I’ll take you in now?”

Seeing Liao Fei being ruthless, Su Yuqi couldn’t help but take a step backwards, while Chen Ping took a healthy step to block in front of Su Yuqi.

“Isn’t it just by a Seven Star Disc? If you don’t have the Seven Star Disc, what difference does it make if you follow the trash?”

Chen Ping looked at Liao Fei with a face full of disdain and sneered, “This Seven Star Disc is a treasure, but it is wasted on someone like you, if you take the Seven Star Disc to cultivate, you will get twice the result with half the effort, but it is a pity that a waste like you will not make use of it!”

Liao Fei froze, and his whole being burst into rage, because Chen Ping was right, he was able to defeat Daoist Wu Wei, and was able to cure Xiao Ru, all because of this Seven Star Disc, without the Seven Star Disc, he was nothing!

“Kid, you’re jealous, jealous that I have another treasure like the Seven Star Disc, if you have the guts to do so, how can you rely on absorbing the Yin Cold Qi from Xiao Ru’s body without the treasure?”

Liao Fei said with a provocative face.

“I myself am the greatest treasure, why do I need to rely on other things, only a waste would use any so-called treasure!”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile.

Liao Fei’s face grew gloomier and gloomier, while that Daoist Wu Wei’s face was also not looking good at this moment, just now Chen Ping’s words were tantamount to scolding him along with him, after all, he had just cured Xiao Ru with the help of the Jade Ruyi.

“You mean to suck the Yin Cold Qi from Xiao Ru’s body directly into your own body?”

Liao Fei asked.

“Not bad!” Chen Ping nodded indifferently.

“Hahahaha, it’s a joke, Xiao Ru is a body of ice crystals to withstand this Yin Cold Qi for years, if it was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be able to survive a day, you dare to say that you use your own body to absorb the Yin Cold Qi, if you really have that ability, I’ll let you do whatever you want!”

“But if you can’t use your body to absorb the Yin Cold Qi, then don’t mind me being ungracious, kneel down and kowtow to me and apologise, and that little girl behind you will have to accompany me for a bit of fun!”

Liao Fei’s eyes were filled with an evil gaze, looking at Su Yuqi with goosebumps all over her body!

“Are you looking for death?” Chen Ping’s eyes gaped as killing intent instantly erupted from his body!

Although he and Su Yuqi had not established a relationship, they both knew what was going through each other’s minds.

Chen Ping already considered Su Yuqi as his girlfriend, how could he watch his girlfriend let others bully her!