Phoenix Among Men Chapter 217

All of this Yin Cold Qi was absorbed from Xiao Ru, and at this moment, it was all released and wrapped around Chen Ping!

With a faint smile on his face, Chen Ping ran his Heart Condensation Skill to its maximum, refining the Yin Cold Qi that entered his body!

Now that Chen Ping was already at the sixth level of Qi training, the refining speed was obviously much faster!

Until the entire Seven Star Disc’s Yin Cold Qi disappeared, Chen Ping was not frozen again, on the contrary, his strength had increased a lot more.

“This Seven Star Disc is really a good thing, I must get it today!”

Looking at the Seven Star Disc in Liao Fei’s hand, Chen Ping unapologetically revealed a greedy gaze!

With the Seven Star Disc, Chen Ping’s cultivation would be twice as effective with half the effort!

Liao Fei’s along flashed a hint of panic, with so much Yin Cold Qi, Chen Ping was not even bothered?

Could it be that this guy also had a foreign treasure on his body?

Liao Fei suspected that Chen Ping also had a treasure on his body, otherwise no one would dare to absorb such a large amount of Yin Cold Qi by his own ability, not even his master, Daoist Exterminator, could!

“Kid, aren’t you also relying on treasures, otherwise how could you possibly resist so much Yin Cold Qi.”

Liao Fei’s eyes were slightly glued as he stared at Chen Ping with a deadly stare.

He wanted to find the existence of the treasure from Chen Ping’s body, but after looking at it for a while, he didn’t know where Chen Ping’s treasure was hidden!

Hearing Liao Fei say so, Chen Ping smiled coldly, “I have said it, I am the treasure myself, so go ahead and use whatever you have!”

“Kid, don’t think that just because your cold poison doesn’t attack you, you are invincible, I am going to show you my power today!”

Liao Fei said, surprisingly, he directly plucked the seven stars on top of the Seven Star Disc and moved the position of the seven stars by a little!

While Liao Fei’s forehead was covered in sweat after moving the seven stars just a little, he looked as if he was about to vanish.

With a sharp whistling sound, a cloud of black mist soon flew out from inside that Seven Star Disc, like thunder clouds tumbling towards Chen Ping.

Looking at the scene before them, Su Wenzong and Su Yuqi were about to be scared silly, but Gu Wentian and Lin Tianhu were a little better off, after all they had seen the resentful dragon on the dragon chair in the Gu Wentian courtyard and this kind of scene, but even having seen it, the two’s faces turned ugly at this point!

“Yin spirit, this is a Yin spirit, Mr. Chen beware!”

Daoist Wu Wei growled, immediately pinching his fingers and mouthing the words!

Daoist Wu Wei immediately put a hand on Daoist Master Bu Xu’s shoulder, now that Daoist Master Bu Xu was seriously injured again, he was not strong enough to drive away these evil spirits, so he had to help Daoist Master Bu Xu.

But no matter how much Daoist Master Bu Xu chanted the exorcism incantation, the spirits didn’t seem to be afraid at all!

Soon, a cloud of black mist filled the room, and the sounds of crying, screaming and hissing were everywhere, which was very creepy to hear!

At this moment, those black fogs quickly condensed and concentrated into a monster with teeth and claws, pouncing towards Chen Ping.

“A small Yin soul, how can it hurt me ……”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly as a hint of a contemptuous smile appeared.

Now that he had reached the sixth level of Qi training, he was a veritable immortal cultivator, so how could he be afraid of a small Yin soul?

With a flick of Chen Ping’s finger, several flashes of golden light appeared, all hitting the black fog, instantly causing it to dissipate.

When Liao Fei saw this, he suddenly bit his middle finger and a drop of blood fell into the Seven Star Disc, and instantly the Seven Star Disc tossed and tumbled, and the black fog that was constantly emerging began to take on a faint blood-red colour.

“It seems that if I don’t show you guys a hand, you won’t know what it means to have the light of a firefly dare to compete with the glory of the white moon!”

Facing the faintly red black mist, Chen Ping fiercely stretched his palms forward.

In his palms, a golden light slowly appeared.

The light grew brighter and brighter, and in the end, it was like a dazzling sun overhead.