Phoenix Among Men Chapter 218

“The righteousness of the Great Dao, the art of Heavenly Derivation, the light of the evil-exorcising!”

“Collect it for me!”

With a furious shout, that glow instantly released an endless pressure, like a sun with ten thousand feet of light, and a golden light shot straight at that black mist.

Like a mouse meeting a cat, like snow meeting the sun, under that light, the black mist was instantly swallowed up, and then all of it was sucked into Chen Ping’s body, knowing that all of this would help Chen Ping cultivate, the Heart Condensation Skill was able to devour everything and refine everything, this was what made the Heart Condensation Skill so awesome!

The light disappeared and all was calm again.

A dead silence fell inside the room as everyone stared at Chen Ping with wide eyes!

Especially that Daoist Wu Wei, at this moment, his face was full of shame and red, remembering his disdain for Chen Ping at the beginning, he felt his face burning with embarra*sment!

Liao Fei took the Seven Star Disc and looked at Chen Ping with wide eyes: “What kind of spell is this ……? Could it be, could it not be an immortal art?”

A cold and piercing chill instantly ran through Liao Fei’s entire body, causing his entire body to tremble.

At this moment, Liao Fei’s face no longer had the arrogance and dominance it had at the beginning, all that was left was fear.

Such an immortal technique was something that even his ancestor could not perform!

The sweat on Liao Fei’s whole body exploded and there was only one thought in his head, that was to escape ……

He had only one thought in his head, and that was to run as far away as possible!

But when Liao Fei’s thoughts started, Chen Ping spoke with a cold smile: “You want to escape, don’t you? Only you don’t have a chance to escape, hand over the Seven Star Disc to me and I can make your death a little bit more painful!”

Liao Fei’s eyes kept darting around, as if he was thinking of some countermeasure, and from time to time, he looked at the Seven Star Disc in his hand, he was struggling in his heart, making a decision!

“You only have ten seconds to think about it!”





Looking at Chen Ping who was counting with an indifferent face, Liao Fei’s forehead was covered with cold sweat!

He couldn’t fight, but he was a bit reluctant to hand over the Seven Star Disc, and if he handed over the Seven Star Disc, Chen Ping wouldn’t let him go, he would just let him die a painful death.

Liao Fei didn’t want to die yet, he’d had a hard time getting this skill, he hadn’t pretended enough yet!


Chen Ping spat out the word one indifferently!

“The Seven Star Disc is for you …………”

Liao Fei didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and threw the Seven Star Disc towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping leapt up and caught the Seven Star Disc directly!

Liao Fei, on the other hand, took advantage of Chen Ping’s leap to turn around and run towards the door, as fast as he could!

“Mr. Chen, Liao Fei has run away …………”

Seeing Liao Fei running away, Daoist Master Bu Xu hurriedly yelled!


The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, and his entire person also instantly rushed out like a loaded cannonball in a flash!

In just a few seconds, Chen Ping came back from outside, and in his hands, he was carrying the fleeing Liao Fei!

At that moment, the unbeatable Liao Fei was like a dead dog, being carried back by Chen Ping by the neck!

Looking at Chen Ping grabbing Liao Fei back so easily, everyone’s heart was in shock!

Slap …………

Chen Ping threw Liao Fei to the ground, looking at him with indifferent eyes, with an aura of contempt for everything that made everyone in the room feel like they wanted to kneel down and worship!

Liao Fei panted heavily and looked at Chen Ping with a look of supplication in his eyes, “Great …… Master spare my life, I have already given you the Seven Star Disc, I hope Master will spare my life!”

“Spare you?” Chen Ping sneered, pulling Su Yuqi, who was still in shock, “When you just molested my wife, did you think of such a consequence? A dragon has scales that will kill it if it touches it, and my wife is my scales, so you must die today!”

Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping, one hand being pulled by Chen Ping, the other hand covering her red lips, her chest rising and falling, her heart agitated!