Phoenix Among Men Chapter 219

Although she had never agreed to marry Chen Ping, and was now not Chen Ping’s wife at all, when Chen Ping said those words just now, it made Su Yuqi’s whole body unsettled. At this moment, in Su Yuqi’s eyes, Chen Ping was that tall, handsome Prince Charming!

If Chen Ping proposed to her at this moment, she would not hesitate to say yes!

“No…… I can’t die, you can’t kill me, my master ancestor is Daoist Exterminator, if you kill me, he will take revenge on me!”

Liao Fei’s face was full of panic, his body was wet underneath, and he had actually P*ssed himself in fear!

“I’ll just wait!”

Chen Ping smiled indifferently, followed by a foot down!

Poof …………

Liao Fei’s head burst open like a ripe watermelon!

“Ah …………”

Su Yuqi was startled and jumped directly into Chen Ping’s arms!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Su Wenzong had mixed feelings in his heart, while Lin Tianhu and Gu Wentian at the side both cast envious glances at Su Wenzong!

According to his status, Su Wen Zong was still a bit different from Gu Wen Tian and Lin Tian Hu, even though he was the richest man in Hong Cheng, but in this era of martial arts, the status of a simple business family was not that high!

Unless there were martial artists in the family, or the presence of ancient martial artists, the status of the family could be raised.

Now that Su Wenzong had a son-in-law like Chen Ping, the status of the Su family would naturally go without saying, even if it was Gu Wentian and Lin Tianhu, they would have to be polite when they met Su Wenzong in the future!

“Mr. Su, congratulations!”

Gu Wentian whispered after Su Wenzong to say congratulations!

Su Wenzong smiled modestly, “Gu said it was too early, young people can’t tell nowadays.”

“Since Mr. Su knows it’s impossible to say, why don’t you get together as soon as possible, so as to avoid long dreams!”

Gu Wentian smiled at Su Wenzong, who immediately understood what Gu Wentian meant!

Daoist Bu Xu found someone to clean up the room until after it was clean, then Su Yu Qi left from Chen Ping’s arms!

“Are you …… deliberately taking advantage of me?”

Su Yuqi questioned at Chen Ping.

“Who took advantage of you? It was clearly you who stuck yourself into my arms.”

Chen Ping said with a dumbfounded expression.

“I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about, who just told you to say that I’m your wife? Aren’t you taking advantage of me?”

Su Yuqi pretended to be angry and said.

“Oh, I thought you were willing to be my wife, so it was just wishful thinking on my part, then I won’t say it in the future!”

Chen Ping said with a calm face, after he finished speaking, Chen Ping turned around and walked towards the outside of the house, the moment he turned around, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted up and he smiled secretly!

Su Yuqi was stunned and somewhat dumbfounded, she had just followed Chen Ping as a joke, how come Chen Ping didn’t see it?

Su Wenzong was also a bit dumbfounded at this moment, and walked up and twisted Su Yuqi: “What kind of words are you saying? If it wasn’t for Chen Ping, we would all be dead. Look at Chen Ping, he’s all sad, why don’t you go and talk to him?”

Su Yuqi was a bit embarra*sed, but in the end, she gritted her teeth and ran out!

“Ancient, Mr. Chen wants the spirit brush and vermilion, I’ll go get them now!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu finished his sentence and turned towards a side room, quickly bringing the spirit brush and vermilion sand and handing them to Gu Wen Tian!

“Ancient, please also ask on my behalf, although my daughter’s Yin Cold Qi has been absorbed cleanly, but what Mr. Chen said about the Ice Crystal Body, it will automatically absorb the Yin Cold Qi, so it won’t take long for my daughter to suffer from the Yin Cold again?”

Daoist Master Bu Xu said to Gu Wentian with a face full of supplication.

“Good, I will go and ask Mr. Chen right now!”

Gu Wentian said with a nod as he accepted the spirit brush and vermilion.

But just as Gu Wentian was about to go out and ask Chen Ping, suddenly Su Yuqi’s roar came from outside, “D*mn Chen Ping, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll beat you to death …………”

Only to see Chen Ping running into the room with a playful smile on his face, with Su Yuqi chasing after him, only to be stopped by Su Wenzong!