Phoenix Among Men Chapter 223

“Oh, look at my memory, I forgot, this is originally your house, of course there will be your clothes, then hurry up and change, don’t catch cold!”

Tang Hongying urged Su Yuqi to change her clothes, and then Tang Hongying called over to Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, you must treat her Yuqi well, she is a rich young lady, we misunderstood her so much, but she didn’t get angry, and she doesn’t mind that you are poor, and she doesn’t mind that I am blind, she treats you so sincerely, you must grasp it well!”

“Mom, let’s not talk about that first, I’ll cure your eyes first, your eyes are blind from crying later in life, it’s easy to cure!”

Chen Ping had the spirit brush and vermilion, he could easily cure his own mother’s eyes!

Tomorrow, when Su Yuqi had dispensed the medicine and was refining some pills, then his own mother’s eyes would be completely cured!

“Stop it, mum can’t see well with these eyes!”

Tang Hongying simply didn’t believe that Chen Ping could cure her own eyes: “It’s been years, I’m used to it!”

“Mom, sit down and don’t move, soon you will be able to see!”

Chen Ping helped Tang Hongying sit down, then took out the spirit brush and vermilion!

Tang Hongying’s eyes were open at this moment, but her eyes had no light, and she could barely see the black eyeballs in her eyes!

Chen Ping took the spirit brush, took a slight breath and gently dabbed at the vermilion!

When the tip of the pen touched the vermilion sand, a faint fragrance wafted out, and the vermilion sand actually disappeared, penetrating directly into the spirit pen!

“It smells so good, Chen Ping you took the above thing?”

Tang Hongying’s nose and ears were particularly sensitive because her eyes couldn’t see anymore!

“Mom, this is the spirit medicine I begged for you on the mountain, it can cure your eyes, they said that it will definitely be able to cure your eyes!”

Chen Ping did not tell the truth to Tang Hongying, he was afraid that Tang Hongying would find it hard to accept that he had become an immortal cultivator for a while!

“You child, you must have been cheated, those are all money scams, how dare you believe them!”

Tang Hongying grumbled at Chen Ping, but did not move a muscle, deep inside, Tang Hongying still had a slight fantasy that the elixir Chen Ping had begged for could really cure her eyes!

Who wouldn’t want to see this colourful world? Although Chen Baoguo had taken her all over the mountain and explained it to her in the past two days, it wasn’t as shocking as seeing it with her own eyes!

Tang Hongying especially wanted to see Su Yuqi at this time, to see what her future daughter-in-law really looked like!

Chen Ping took the spirit pen and gently dabbed at Tang Hongying’s eyes, “Mom, it might hurt a little at first, so bear with it!”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he dabbed on Tang Hongying’s other eye again!

“Ah …………”

Tang Hongying shrieked and closed her eyes tightly, her expression somewhat grim and painful!

Hearing Tang Hongying’s shriek, Chen Baoguo, who was originally sleeping inside the room, came out clothed in his clothes!

“Chen Ping, what’s wrong with your mother?”

Chen Baoguo looked at Tang Hongying’s expression and asked with a panicked look on his face.

“Dad, don’t be nervous, I’ve put medicine on mum’s eyes, she’ll be able to see soon!”

Chen Ping followed Chen Baoguo’s explanation!

Soon, the expression on Tang Hongying’s face slowly stretched, and that painful feeling disappeared!

Slowly, Tang Hongying opened her eyes.

When her eyes opened, she saw the hopeful faces of Chen Ping and Chen Baoguo, father and son!

“Chen Ping! I …… I can really see!”

Tang Hongying’s body was trembling with excitement as she reached out her hands and gently stroked Chen Ping’s face!

“Mom, I told you that I can definitely cure your eyes!”

Chen Ping was also excited inside when he saw that his mother could see!