Phoenix Among Men Chapter 224

“Wife, you …… can really see it?”

Chen Baoguo was full of shock, deep in the hands in front of Tang Hongying waved.

“Can, can see it!” Tang Hongying nodded desperately: “You don’t hold your hands in front of me, and your beard, I told you to shave one day at a time, look how long it is!”

Chen Baoguo touched his beard, his face instantly excited, a hug Tang Hongying: “Wife, great, great, you can really see it …………”

Chen Baoguo, a macho man, was so excited at the moment that his eyes were red!

Chen Ping looked at his parents’ happy appearance, he also smiled heartily, he hadn’t seen his parents quarrel since he was young, although his own father was macho and somewhat dogmatic, but his feelings for Tang Hongying, Chen Ping could see it, only Chen Baoguo didn’t like to express it!

“What are you doing, your son is still watching!”

Tang Hongying pushed Chen Baoguo a little sheepishly!

“Hahahaha, wifey, I’ll take you outside to see the scenery, it’s especially beautiful!”

Chen Baoguo laughed and pulled Tang Hongying to go out to see the view from the top of the mountain.

“What’s up, making you guys so happy?”

Su Yuqi had changed into a white dress and walked down!

Tang Hongying looked for the sound, when she saw Su Yuqi, her whole body froze, she had imagined Su Yuqi’s appearance countless times, after all, she was a thousand-year-old lady, and she spoke beautifully, so she must be beautiful!

But at this moment, Tang Hongying froze, at this time she looked at Su Yuqi, more than beautiful, simply like a fairy.

“Yuqi, you …… are so beautiful!”

Tang Hongying couldn’t help but praise!

Downstairs Su Yuqi heard Tang Hongying’s praise, can’t help but is a stunned: “Auntie, you …… you can see the la?”

“Well, I can see it, I once imagined how beautiful you are, but now I see it, much more beautiful than I thought, it is simply a fairy!”

Tang Hongying said as she stepped forward and took Su Yuqi’s hand.

Su Yuqi’s face flushed, “Auntie, don’t praise me like that, I’m embarra*sed!”

“Auntie is not complimenting you, you are really too beautiful, let Auntie take a good look!”

Tang Hongying looked at Su Yuqi carefully, causing Su Yuqi to be embarra*sed!

“Mom, didn’t my dad want to take you out to see the night scenery, it’s just that it’s not raining anymore for a while, so go take a look quickly, it’s beautiful!”

Chen Ping said to Tang Hongying.

If Tang Hongying kept looking like this, I guess Su Yuqi was going to be embarra*sed!

“Yes, I’ll take you out to have a look, you can see the whole Hongcheng night scene from here, it’s especially beautiful!”

Chen Baoguo said as he stepped forward and pulled Tang Hongying a hand.

When Tang Hongying heard this, she was instantly moved and said to Su Yuqi, “Yuqi, it’s too late today, don’t go, just sleep here, tomorrow auntie will make you breakfast!”

Tang Hongying was dragged away by Chen Baoguo, Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi and asked, “You don’t really want to sleep here, do you?”

“Of course it’s true!” Su Yuqi nodded, “I’m going upstairs to sleep, remember to call me if I can’t get up tomorrow!”

Watching Su Yuqi walk up the stairs, as she went higher and higher, Su Yuqi’s white thighs leaked more and more, Chen Ping couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and turned around towards his room, he didn’t dare to look anymore, afraid he couldn’t help himself!

When Su Yuqi saw Chen Ping walking away, she couldn’t help but turn around and pout angrily, “Dumba*s ……”

Early the next morning!

Chen Ping was still immersed in cultivation, after having the Seven Star Disc, Chen Ping’s cultivation speed was much faster!

Having delayed his cultivation during this time, Chen Ping had to catch up.

Only as his strength increased, Chen Ping was demanding more and more resources of all kinds!

Throughout the night, the resentment stored inside the Seven Star Disc, the spirit energy had been consumed for the most part, while Chen Ping’s strength had not increased by much!

It was not as good as the fleshy Lingzhi at the beginning!