Phoenix Among Men Chapter 225

“Get up, it’s too lazy for the sun to reach your butt!”

Su Yuqi rapped hard on the door of Chen Ping’s room!

Only then did Chen Ping exhale a breath of foul air and opened his eyes!

Looking at the Seven Star Disc, Chen Ping sighed, originally he thought that with the Seven Star Disc, he could cultivate without any worries, but now it seemed that he was still too naive!

The resources stored in the Seven Star Disc could not even support his cultivation for one night!

It seems that in the future, I can only rely on the thin spiritual qi and cultivate a little bit, but then I will have to wait until the end of the year if I want to raise my strength level!

“Can’t pay back?”

Su Yuqi knocked on the door of his room again!

Chen Ping got out of bed and opened the door, Su Yuqi glared at him, “The rice is ready, why don’t you go and eat!”


Chen Ping let out an oh, then walked straight to the dining room, looking a little sullen!

“I probably won’t be going to the office every day from now on ……”

Chen Ping had to make good time to cultivate, so he couldn’t possibly go to work every day anymore, and since he was now the chairman of the board, he didn’t have to go every day.

Su Yuqi froze for a moment, thinking that she had offended Chen Ping somewhere!

Seeing that expression on Su Yuqi’s face, Chen Ping hurriedly explained, “I have a very important matter to attend to, and I guess it will take a long time ……”

“It’s alright, the company is getting into the right track anyway!” Su Yuqi smiled faintly.

After breakfast, Su Yuqi left, she couldn’t really stay here all the time, after all, she and Chen Ping weren’t married yet!

Not even engaged, nor had they established any kind of relationship, the two were just keeping each other in the dark!

After Su Yuqi left, someone soon brought Chen Ping two bags of medicinal herbs that he had asked Su Yuqi to prepare at the beginning, there was no shortage of hundred year old ganoderma and ginseng and so on, these two bags of medicinal herbs were probably worth millions!

When the bags were opened, Chen Ping immediately felt the dense spiritual qi instantly overflowing the entire room.

These valuable medicinal herbs all contained a large amount of spiritual energy, and feeling the rich spiritual energy, Chen Ping could not control himself and wanted to refine these medicinal herbs into a spirit gathering pill!

In that case, a single Spirit Gathering Pill would be more useful than Chen Ping’s one night of cultivation!

But in the end, he controlled himself, these herbs were to be used for his mother and Su Wenzong to make pills to cure their illnesses, if he made them into spirit gathering pills, what would happen to them?

Dismissing the idea of making a spirit gathering pellet by himself, Chen Ping began to chant the mantra by pinching his fingers, a large amount of spiritual qi ran wildly in his dantian, and soon, a faint blue flame emerged from Chen Ping’s fingertips!

This was also the alchemy technique taught to him by Old Dragon Head, this alchemy technique did not require a pottery furnace to make pills, but one thing was that it was extremely spirit power intensive, the more expensive the pills made, the more spirit power it would take!

Chen Ping didn’t have a pottery furnace now, so he could only use this kind of spirit-draining alchemy to make pills!

After about an hour or so, three pills appeared in Chen Ping’s hand!

One of the smallest pills was a Power Gathering Pill that Chen Ping had used the remaining herbs to make. This Power Gathering Pill was very ordinary, not really an expensive pill, but after consuming it, it could make one gather power and condense Qi, instantly increasing one’s strength by a lot!

After pondering for a moment, Chen Ping called Lin Tianhu and prepared to give him the Power Gathering Pill!

After all, Lin Tianhu was his own man, so he would be embarra*sed if he was always being beaten up!

When he received the call from Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu was immediately ready to go to Pan Long Bay to meet Chen Ping!

“You don’t have to come, I’ll just go and find you, where are you now?”

Chen Ping didn’t want Lin Tianhu to come to his home, after all, his own parents were there, it wasn’t very convenient!

“Mr. Chen, I’m in Room 307 of the Tian Yuan Restaurant on Hong Fu Street!”

Lin Tianhu said immediately.

“Good, wait for me!”

Chen Ping hung up the phone after he said that!

Chen Ping knew about Hongfu Street, it was considered to be the biggest food street in Hongcheng, with quite a few restaurants and teahouses.

After telling Tang Hongying that he wouldn’t be home for lunch, Chen Ping went out and took a taxi directly to Tian Yuan Restaurant.

Apart from giving Lin Tianhu the elixir, Chen Ping also had some things to talk to Lin Tianhu about!