Phoenix Among Men Chapter 227

“Chen Ping, why are you here?”

And Jiang Wenjing frowned after seeing Chen Ping, some time ago, after Fu Wei a few people were beaten up by Chen Ping, Jiang Wenjing had also become much more honest.

“Oh, it’s because we ran into him outside, so we called him in together, they’re all cla*smates anyway, we all know each other!”

Yuan Hua said with a faint smile!

At this time, the crowd only found Chen Ping behind Yuan Hua, looking at Chen Ping’s outfit, all of them showed a bit of contempt in their eyes, only one boy stood up and said with slight excitement, “Brother Chen, when did you come out?”

Obviously, this boy also knew about Chen Ping’s imprisonment.

“Ga Zi? You’re here too?”

Chen Ping was also slightly shocked when he saw this boy!

This boy was called Chen Erga, who was also a cla*smate of Chen Ping’s, and was also in the same dormitory as Chen Ping, and the two were relatively close because they were both surnamed Chen.

However, when he was in school, Chen Erga’s family was not in a very good condition, and he was often given relief by Chen Ping, so Chen Ping did not expect that Chen Erga would attend this cla*smate reunion, after all, nowadays, cla*smate reunions have long changed in nature, they are all organized by those rich people, and then used to show off.

“Brother Chen, we haven’t seen each other for years, I miss you so much, sit down quickly!”

Chen Erga pulled Chen Ping to his side and sat down, and then asked with a face full of excitement, “Brother Chen, you’ve come out, and you didn’t inform my brothers, so I could go and give you a good reception!”

“I also just came out a few days ago, it’s too much trouble, so I didn’t bother you guys!”

Chen Ping smiled slightly and was in a much better mood, he had originally promised Yuan Hua to attend the cla*s reunion just to see how snobbish these cla*smates were and then so he could punch them in the face, but now that he saw Chen Erga, Chen Ping felt that he had really come to the right place.

“It’s really f*cking bad luck to follow a table of reformed labourers to dinner!”

A student muttered in a low voice, but everyone could hear it!

Of course Chen Ping was no exception, he gave that student a cold look but didn’t get angry, while the other students all looked at Chen Ping with sneers on their faces!

Chen Erga was embarra*sed and hurriedly pulled Chen Ping and said, “Brother Chen, you just got out, have you found a job yet?”

“Not yet!” Chen Ping shook his head.

“Why don’t you follow me? I have a small contracting team under me now, I am the captain, although the work is a bit hard, but how can I earn three to five hundred yuan a day!”

The reason why Chen Erga came to this party was so that he could leverage on his cla*smates’ connections to get some work done!

“Erga, we are the president of the student council, will we follow you to do that rough work? You call that a contracting team? How can you call that a contracting team? You’re a f*cking captain with a few civilian workers under your command, so you think you’re a big shot?”

Yuan Hua asked Chen Erga with a disdainful face as he held his cigarette and put the keys to his Mercedes in front of him.

Chen Erga immediately smiled bitterly and said hurriedly, “After Brother Hua, of course I am nothing.

Chen Erga was all smiles and politely lit Yuan Hua’s cigarette!

Yuan Hua was very pleased with Chen Erga’s attitude and nodded his head, “Good point, any of my projects will be enough for you to eat for a year!”

“Then thank you so much Brother Hua, here’s my business card!”

Chen Erga handed his business card to Yuan Hua, who just took a glance at it and threw it onto the table!

Yuan Hua took a deep puff of his cigarette and then spat towards Chen Ping: “Chen Ping, at least back then you were also the president of the student council, and for the sake of our cla*smates, how about I find you a security position in our company for three thousand fast a month? This way I can replace the Tibetan mastiff that is watching the door, you know my Tibetan mastiff is not cheap, it’s a pity to watch the door!”

As soon as Yuan Hua’s words fell, everyone laughed out loud.

Jiang Wenjing also laughed the most, at first she still hated Chen Ping, but now it seemed that Chen Ping had really come to the right place, or else how could she see Chen Ping make a fool of himself!