Phoenix Among Men Chapter 228

“Yuan Hua, Chen Ping is much more powerful than your Tibetan mastiff, he learned some kung fu in jail, he’s a bully, he even broke our cla*s Fu Wei’s leg!”

Jiang Wenjing said at this point with a sneer on her face.

Once they heard that Chen Ping had broken Fu Wei’s leg, several students looked at Chen Ping incredulously!

“To be able to break Fu Wei’s leg is really more powerful than my Tibetan Mastiff, it looks like we need to pay him more!”

Yuan Hua looked at Chen Ping and said with a cold smile!

“Believe it or not, I’ll break your leg too?”

Chen Ping looked at Yuan Hua and said in an indifferent voice.

“What the f*ck are you saying? Say one more word if you have the guts?”

Upon hearing this, Yuan Hua stood up with a scuffle, grabbed a wine bottle, and angrily stared at Chen Ping as he asked.

“Brother Hua, don’t get angry, don’t get angry, Brother Chen is joking with you!”

Chen Erga saw that Yuan Hua was angry and hurriedly stood up to stop him and spoke in harmony!

“Hua Zi, this is Hong Fu Street, the whole street is covered by Master Tiger, and this Tian Yuan Restaurant is also owned by Master Tiger, if you make trouble here, you’ll be careful of offending Master Tiger!”

A cla*smate advised Yuan Hua!

“What are you afraid of? My cousin is the manager of this Tian Yuan Restaurant, I can do whatever I want here!”

Yuan Hua said with a disdainful face.

Hearing Yuan Hua say so, all the students cast envious glances.

“Huazi is really awesome, he has such a powerful cousin!”

“In that case, Huazi’s cousin is one of Master Tiger’s men, and his status is not ordinary!”

“Now we can feel secure, with Huazi here, we can walk around!”

The crowd praised Yuan Hua, while Yuan Hua was fluttering: “In future, if you call me when something happens on Hong Fu Street, I can take care of it for you!”

“Jia Jia and I are planning to hold our wedding here, so come and support us then!”

“Sure, sure, we’ll definitely be there …………”

All the cla*smates nodded desperately, that Jiang Wenjing also understood why Yuan Hua recommended her to come here to hold the cla*s reunion at that time!

It looks like this meal, they do not spend much money, there may be free bill!

Thinking of this, Jiang Wenjing couldn’t say how happy she was in her heart!

Just at this time, Lin Tianhu’s phone call came to Chen Ping, having been waiting for Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu saw that he was not coming yet, so he wanted to make a phone call to ask.

“Mr. Chen, have you arrived yet?”

Lin Tianhu asked in a small voice.


Chen Ping only said two words and hung up the phone!

“Brother Chen, who is calling, is there something for you, if there is something, then let’s go!”

Chen Erga was looking for a step for Chen Ping, Chen Ping had offended Yuan Hua, if he stayed on, he was afraid it wouldn’t do him any good!

“It’s alright, Lin Tianhu is calling!”

Chen Ping put the phone away.

“Lin Tianhu?” Chen Erga was stunned, feeling that the name was familiar, but he couldn’t recall it for a moment, but soon Chen Erga remembered and casually asked, “Is it Lin Tianhu, the owner of this Tian Yuan Restaurant?”

“It should be him!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

The reason why Chen Ping wasn’t sure was because he really didn’t know what other properties Lin Tianhu had under his name, he only knew that Lin Tianhu managed the Gathering Hall of Justice.

But when he thought about such a big hall, there was really no way to develop if there were no industries under his name, so it was not surprising that Lin Tianhu had a restaurant under his name!

“Pfft ……”

“Hahahaha …… you are really f*cking laughing my a*s off, you said Master Tiger called you and then you told Master Tiger to wait? There’s no pretending like you do, act more like it in the future!”

Yuan Hua had just taken a sip of water and spat it out straight away!

The other students also laughed out loud, that Liu Jiajia even narrowed her Danfeng eyes and said, “I think you’re so virtuous, I’m afraid you haven’t even seen Master Tiger’s face, how dare you say Master Tiger called you?”

Among these people, only Jiang Wenjing knew that Chen Ping had met Lin Tianhu, at Geng Shanshan’s wedding!

But what was Chen Ping’s relationship with Lin Tianhu, she didn’t know.