Phoenix Among Men Chapter 229

Chen Erga regretted that he had just asked that question and looked at Chen Ping with a face full of apologies, while Chen Ping’s face didn’t change much!

Crunch …………

At that moment, the door of the compartment was pushed open and Geng Shanshan came in wearing a gorgeous dress and stepping on high heels, all jeweled up!

“Shanshan is here? She’s getting so pretty!”

“Shanshan this dress is very expensive, isn’t it? And this necklace, the earrings!”

“She’s really a rich young lady, just this dress is different from us!”

When they saw Geng Shanshan coming, many students got up to butter her up, which made Geng Shanshan enjoy herself!

In fact, this was just cheap stuff, her jewellery was all fake, Xiao Lei had kicked her and taken back all those things he had sent her, including that wedding house in Pan Long Bay, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone to get back together with Chen Ping in the rain at night!

This time when she came to the cla*s reunion, Geng Shanshan had specially prepared some fake goods, she knew that all these cla*smates were still in the dark and didn’t know that she had been kicked by Xiao Lei!

All the cla*smates stood up when they saw Geng Shanshan, only Chen Ping remained seated and gently lifted his tea and took a sip!

“Chen Ping?”

Geng Shanshan also spotted the seated Chen Ping at that moment, and was instantly surprised!

No one had told her that Chen Ping would be attending the cla*s reunion!

“Shanshan, it was Yuan Hua who ran into Chen Ping and called him here together, so don’t mind if you do!” Seeing Geng Shanshan’s surprised expression, Jiang Wenjing hurriedly went over and pulled Geng Shanshan, before whispering in Geng Shanshan’s ear, “It’s good that this guy is here, let him make a fool of himself in front of his cla*smates so that he can take it out on you!”

“Jiang Wenjing, don’t mess around with me!” Geng Shanshan glared at Jiang Wenjing and barked at her!

Now what was Chen Ping’s status, although Geng Shanshan didn’t know, she knew that the people around Chen Ping were all big shots, big shots that even the Xiao family couldn’t match!

Jiang Wenjing froze, looking at Geng Shanshan incredulously, not understanding what Geng Shanshan meant!

At this moment, Geng Shanshan had already walked to Chen Ping’s side, and then pushed Chen Erga, who was sitting next to Chen Ping, and said, “Move aside, I’ll sit next to Chen Ping!”

“Fine, fine …………”

Chen Erga, who dared to offend Geng Shanshan, hastily nodded his head and got up!

But just as he got up, he was pulled back by Chen Ping, and then he looked coldly at Geng Shanshan and said, “I hate the smell of you, get away from me ……”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words landed, everyone was shocked, even Chen Erga looked at Chen Ping incredulously!

Now Geng Shanshan was the young grandmother of the Xiao family, how dare he speak after Geng Shanshan like this?

“Chen Ping, how the f*ck are you talking? If you talk to Shanshan like that, do you believe I’ll waste you?”

Seeing this, Yuan Hua realised that this was a good opportunity to butter up Geng Shanshan and immediately shouted angrily at Chen Ping!

But then, Geng Shanshan’s reaction was unexpected by everyone!

Only to see Geng Shanshan look at Yuan Hua and yell with a cold look on her face, “Shut up, is Chen Ping also something you can talk about?”

Yuan Hua was dumbfounded for a moment, not understanding what was going on!

After reprimanding Yuan Hua, Geng Shanshan then revealed a bitter smile and whispered softly to Chen Ping, “Then I’ll sit a little further away and do the opposite of you, just so I can keep looking at you!”

After Geng Shanshan finished speaking, she really sat down opposite Chen Ping with a small smile on her face, looking quite happy!

“Shanshan, are you alright?”

Jiang Wenjing asked, dumbfounded, in Geng Shanshan’s ear.

“You shut up!” Geng Shanshan was afraid that this Jiang Wenjing would do bad things, so she glared at her impatiently!

Soon, the food and wine were served, and the crowd ate and drank, all of them going down towards Geng Shanshan, toasting and serving food, but no one paid any attention to Chen Ping and Chen Erga!

Only Geng Shanshan tried desperately to get Chen Ping to eat his food, and advised him to drink less, as it hurt his body, pretending to be virtuous!

Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to her, Geng Shanshan’s character, Chen Ping knew all about it long ago!