Phoenix Among Men Chapter 230

The crowd was puzzled by Geng Shanshan’s behaviour, but they didn’t care too much, they all thought Geng Shanshan was using this method to humiliate Chen Ping, wanting to let him know that such a virtuous girlfriend had now become someone else’s wife!

After three rounds of wine and five tastes of food, a few of the students were already drunk!

Yuan Hua was also slightly red in the face, and when his spirits were high, he said after Geng Shanshan with his gla*s of wine, “Shanshan, we are old cla*smates, I am now working with the Xiao family, you are now the young grandmother of the Xiao family, so help me to put in a good word with the Xiao family and help me to get more projects? Old cla*smates are grateful here!”

Yuan Hua finished his sentence and drank it all!

When Yuan Hua started, other students also begged Geng Shanshan to do things, some wanted to find jobs, some wanted to buy houses, after all, they came to the reunion and bragged about Geng Shanshan, they all had a purpose!

Geng Shanshan was embarra*sed beyond belief at this point, but she couldn’t just say that she and Xiao Lei didn’t have a relationship anymore, that would be too humiliating, and these cla*smates would instantly change their attitudes, the reason why they all treat her with such respect now is because of the Xiao family!

“Let me see, let me see …………”

Geng Shanshan could only respond with a face full of embarra*sment.

“Shanshan, why don’t you invite Mr. Xiao to our old cla*smates’ gathering as well? Several of our cla*smates have never met Mr. Xiao!”

Jiang Wenjing suggested!

As soon as Jiang Wenjing said that, numerous cla*smates followed and agreed!

“Yes, I haven’t seen what Mr. Xiao looks like, he must be a handsome guy!”

“To be able to have a meal with the Xiao family’s grand duke, we’ll have something to blow this time!”

“Shanshan, you invite Mr. Xiao here, this meal is on me, I’m asking for some food and a bottle of good wine ……”

Yuan Hua said with an excited face following Geng Shanshan.

“He’s not available!”

Geng Shanshan squeezed out a bitter smile and said awkwardly.

“Shanshan, Duke Xiao is the one who listens to you the most, if you ask him to come, can he not come? Besides, you can just say that Chen Ping is here, Duke Xiao will definitely come!”

Jiang Wenjing tried desperately to persuade Geng Shanshan, because as long as Xiao Lei came, she wouldn’t have to pay out of her own pocket, Yuan Hua would have paid for it!

Geng Shanshan hated this Jiang Wenjing so much at this point that she wanted to strangle her to death!

“He really doesn’t have time, he’s very busy!”

Geng Shanshan just bit the bullet and didn’t scream.

“Shanshan, you’re looking down on us cla*smates too much, just let Mr. Xiao come over and show his face, it won’t take more than a few minutes!”

Jiang Wenjing was also anxious, because she and Geng Shanshan were close, so her tone of voice was a bit heavy!

Geng Shanshan shut up and didn’t say anything, she didn’t have the ability to call Xiao Lei, she was afraid that even if she got through, she would just get a bad scolding!

Just when all the students were persuading Geng Shanshan and Geng Shanshan was indifferent, Chen Ping spoke up indifferently!

“Call Xiao Lei and tell him to come over!”

Chen Ping didn’t even look at Geng Shanshan, more like he was talking along with the air.

Everyone froze and looked at Chen Ping, while that Yuan Hua sneered, intending to taunt Chen Ping twice!

But before he could say anything, he saw Geng Shanshan pull out her mobile phone with a slight dilemma and dial the number!

Soon the call was answered and Geng Shanshan walked to the corner of the compartment!

“b*tch, didn’t I f*cking tell you not to call me anymore, believe me or not I’ll break your legs?”

Xiao Lei’s angry roar came from the other side!

Ever since he came back that day, Xiao Lei had been on tenterhooks all day, fearing that Chen Ping would deal with him, while his father, Xiao Yan, was even more restless, trying to figure out how to ease the relationship between the Xiao family and Chen Ping, although it was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, but it had to be that long.

If Chen Ping were to strike at the Xiao family now, the Xiao family would really be finished, as great figures like Gu Wentian and Lin Tianhu respected Chen Ping, what would the Xiao family be?

One word from Chen Ping and the Xiao family would fall!

“Xiao Lei, I …… I’m attending a cla*s reunion, I hope you can come and join us!”

Geng Shanshan’s body trembled slightly as she said.

“Attend your paralysis, Laozi …………”

“Chen Ping is also there, he asked me to call you!”

Geng Shanshan hurriedly moved Chen Ping out.