Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2295

Yu Qian was somewhat dumbfounded by Chen Ping’s words, for they were indeed his own words!

“Kid, since you said so, then let you try, but life and death are destiny, if you die in there, it has nothing to do with anyone!”

Yu Qian said with a cold face!

“No problem ……”

Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Mr. Chen, do you …… you really intend to ring that dragon bell? You know that the pa*sage leading to the top of the bell tower has a formation inside, it’s possible that you might get trapped inside.”

Ge Cang Sheng asked with some concern.

“Don’t worry, Clan Elder Ge, I’m sure again!”

Chen Ping said, and leapt towards the bell tower!

Chen Ping’s body landed steadily in front of the bell tower, and then without hesitation, he pushed open the bronze door and walked inside!

Just as he walked in, Chen Ping felt a terrifying killing aura pounding in his face!

Looking at the upward staircase, Chen Ping stepped on it with one foot!

Just as Chen Ping’s foot stepped on it, there was a sudden spinning of the sky and Chen Ping’s body floated up uncontrollably!

The scenery in front of Chen Ping’s eyes also changed, instead of being the upward pa*sage, he seemed to have arrived at a cliff face, and on top of the cliff face, there was a coiled path leading to the top of the mountain!

“Could this be an illusion within the formation?”

Chen Ping looked around in bewilderment, this sudden change must have triggered the illusion within the spell formation!

Looking at the coiled path, Chen Ping directly followed the path and walked towards the top of the mountain!

Chen Ping found that as he continued to walk upwards, he felt the pressure around him getting stronger and stronger!

When he was about to reach the top of the mountain, Chen Ping felt like a huge mountain was pressing down on him!

The bones of Chen Ping’s body were cackling and his body was already soaked with sweat!

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and fought with all his spiritual energy, he knew that if he wanted to break this illusion, it seemed that the only way to do so was to reach the top of the mountain!

Buzz …………

With a buzzing sound, Chen Ping’s body seemed to pa*s through a boundary, and the mighty pressure on his body instantly disappeared!

And at this moment, Chen Ping had also reached the top of the mountain!

The mountain top was not large, but on the side of the mountain top, the skeleton of a giant dragon hovered there!

The dragon’s skeleton was white and had no flesh left, so it was hard to tell how long it had been dead!

And in the place of the dragon’s skull, a dragon crystal with a crystal lustre instantly attracted Chen Ping’s attention!

Chen Ping hurriedly stepped forward and hurriedly picked up the dragon crystal. When the dragon crystal was held in his hand, the one inside Chen Ping’s body actually began to shine1

The two dragon crystals seemed to have some kind of connection, and the kind of summoning Chen Ping had felt when he was outside the bell tower should have been emanating from this dragon crystal!

“Is this …… this not in an illusionary realm?”

Looking at the dragon crystal in his hand and feeling the true power of the divine dragon within it, Chen Ping was somewhat confused!

He should be inside that bell tower at this moment, and shouldn’t this be an illusionary realm created by the spell formation within the pa*sage?

“What the hell is going on here?” Chen Ping frowned slightly, and then had a look at the giant dragon skeleton: “What about this giant dragon? Why did it die here? And what is this place?”

A series of questions, making Chen Ping a little confused!

But the real feeling of the dragon crystal in his hand made Chen Ping feel that this place was not like an illusion!

But if it wasn’t an illusion, then it was possible that the spell formation within the pa*sage was a teleportation formation that had transported Chen Ping to this place!

“Could it be that when other people entered the Bell Tower, they were also transported here?”

Chen Ping was puzzled!

In the end, since he couldn’t figure it out, Chen Ping stopped thinking about it and instead swallowed the Dragon Crystal in his hand instantly!

As the dragon crystal entered Chen Ping’s body, the giant dragon skeleton that was on one side instantly turned into powder and was blown away by a gust of wind!