Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2296

Feeling the dragon crystal swimming around inside him, Chen Ping hurriedly sat down on his knees, and then guided the swallowed dragon crystal towards the one inside him!

Soon, the two Dragon Crystals met, and finally a blinding light erupted from Chen Ping’s chest as the two Dragon Crystals came together!

A huge power of the divine dragon began to run through Chen Ping’s body as if it were a wild horse, and it was about to break through Chen Ping’s body and go straight to the clouds!

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly ran his Heart Condensation Technique and began to refine this divine dragon’s power, turning it into his own!

While Chen Ping was refining the power of the divine dragon, the crowd outside the bell tower had already grown impatient!

“It’s been over an hour, and we haven’t seen that Chen Ping ascend the bell tower, so I guess he’s dead in the pa*sage?”

“A mere strength of the Third Realm of Separation, and he dares to try, isn’t he looking for death?”

“He’s from a secular realm, how would he know the dangers in our secret realm.”

The crowd murmured, all thinking that Chen Ping had died inside, after all, it had been over an hour and Chen Ping was still nowhere to be seen!

“Hmph, out of his depth, he lost his little life inside!”

Lv Factory said with a cold laugh.

On the side, Han Qing’er gave Lui Factory a fierce glare, then looked worriedly in the direction of the clock tower!

She was very worried about Chen Ping, if she had known this, she should have stopped Chen Ping and not let him take the risk!

Looking at Han Qing’er’s worried look, Lv Fang’s inner atmosphere became even more atmospheric, and he was becoming more and more hateful towards Chen Ping!

“Ge Cang Sheng, this is the person you brought, the bout hasn’t even been watched is it, leaving us with one less person to compete in the Fire Sect Secret Realm.”

“If you lose this time, all the resources will be borne by your Ge family alone, I will not care about the Chopping Moon Pavilion.”

Jin Li Fu said angrily to Ge Cansheng.

After all, they belonged to the same Fire Sect Secret Realm, originally a secret realm was a contestant, and now Chen Ping was showing off, but knocked some dragon bell, and now died inside, leaving the Fire Sect Secret Realm with one less person and in a pa*sive position!

Ge Cansheng didn’t say anything, but looked at the bell tower with a face full of tension, Chen Ping was nowhere to be seen for over an hour, which made Ge Cansheng also get very worried!

“Master Yu Clan, I think that kid is already dead inside, we should start the a*sembly, there is no need to wait.”

Yao Qisheng opened his mouth and said!

This endless waiting, no one knew when to wait, not to mention that Yao Shenghui had lost face today, their Purple Thunder Clan was still waiting to get it back!

Yu Qian glanced at the bell tower, then looked at Ge Cansheng and said, “Master Ge, if we don’t see anyone for more than an hour, we’ll start the a*sembly, we won’t wait ……”

“Master Yu, we are waiting, I believe Mr. Chen will be able to get to the top of the bell tower at one point.”

Ge Cansheng said with a prayerful face!

“Ge family master, even if that Chen Ping gets to the top, what can he do? By then, he will still be seriously injured, and I’m afraid he won’t even be able to hold the bell hammer, let alone ring the dragon bell.”

“Stop wasting everyone’s time, they’re all waiting for the bout!”

Yao Shenghui said with great impatience!

He had lost face today and was in a bad mood, so he was in the perfect mood to vent his frustration on Ge Cansheng’s body!

Ge Cansheng ignored that Yao Shenghui, but looked at Yu Qian and said, “Master Yu, I beg you to wait for a while.”

Ge Cansheng knew that only Yu Qian’s words would determine when the a*sembly would start!

Looking at Ge Cansheng like that, Yu Qian nodded, “Alright then, just wait for five minutes, after five minutes, the a*sembly will start immediately!”

When Yu Qian spoke, no one else dared to say anything, so they could only wait for five minutes!

Seeing this, Ge Cansheng could not say anything, he could only pray that Chen Ping would appear in these five minutes!

“Chen Ping, you must show up, it will be fine ……”

Han Qing’er clenched her fists and silently prayed for Chen Ping!