Phoenix Among Men Chapter 23

At that moment, a car drove past them, its window open, and Chen Ping’s face was revealed, with a few sneers on his face, looking right at Geng Shanshan’s three people.

“Chen Ping, isn’t that man in the car Chen Ping?”

Fu Wei was the first to spot Chen Ping and shouted out loud.

Geng Shanshan and Jiang Wenjing also spotted Chen Ping at this time, and seeing that sneer on Chen Ping’s face, Geng Shanshan was furious!

“This guy, how did he get in here? Are these security guards trash?”

Geng Shanshan shouted angrily!

“Could it be that this guy is really the owner? Didn’t you see that the security guards who drove the car were also the ones who sent them in!”

Jiang Wenjing frowned with a puzzled look on her face.

“They’re still driving towards the hill, could it be that their villa is still up there?”

Fu Wei also tilted his head, watching the vehicle drive further and further up the hill!

“Impossible, that Chen Ping could never have bought a house here, I know that bit of his family’s background best!”

Geng Shanshan desperately denied it, she knew that there was no way Chen Ping could have the money to buy a house here!

“Then could it be that Su’s family gave it to him, I remember that Mr. Su said that Chen Ping seemed to have saved his life!”

Jiang Wenjing carefully analysed.

“It’s possible!” Fu Wei nodded, “This guy didn’t know what kind of luck he had, he actually saved that Mr. Su’s life, otherwise today at the Regal Hotel, Chen Ping would have died for sure!”

Geng Shanshan gritted her teeth to death before opening the car door and said, “Follow him up and take a look!”

Geng Shanshan must see whether or not Chen Ping really had a house in this Pan Long Bay.

Geng Shanshan’s Mercedes followed behind, watching as the car Chen Ping and the others were in drove all the way towards the top of the mountain!

“This …… this Chen Ping’s house wouldn’t be the most expensive one at the top of the hill, right?”

Jiang Wenjing said with a face full of shock as she watched the car in front of her keep driving towards the top of the mountain.

“How is it possible, that house at the top of the mountain is worth at least 100 million, sell Chen Ping’s family, he can’t afford it, even if it’s a gift from the Su family, it can’t be generous enough to send a house of 100 million!”

Fu Wei was somewhat unconvinced.

But soon, the car in front of them really drove to the top of the hill, while Geng Shanshan’s their Mercedes was stopped!

“Hello Miss, you can’t go forward any further as the top belongs to a private place now!”

A security guard stopped Geng Shanshan’s car!

Chen Ping had long since discovered that Geng Shanshan and the others were following behind, and when he saw that they had been stopped, a cold smile appeared on Chen Ping’s face!

Once they reached the top of the mountain, the entire mountain top was covered in clouds and mist, as if it was a fairyland!

Chen Baoguo and Chen Ping were stunned by the view, Tang Hongying couldn’t see, but she was also full of intoxication as she felt the fresh air around her!

Several security guards took Chen Ping’s things inside and put them away, and the security chief apologised to Chen Ping again before leaving!

“Mum, you and my dad will live here from now on, the air here is especially good for you to heal your bodies!”

Chen Ping took Tang Hongying’s hand and walked towards the inside of the villa!

When Chen Baoguo entered the villa, his whole body was stunned, the opulence was so magnificent, he had never seen it in his life!

At this moment, Chen Baoguo opened his mouth, he wanted to apologise after Chen Ping, after all, it was his misunderstanding, but no matter how hard he tried, Chen Baoguo was unable to say anything.

After going around the house, Chen Ping said, “Dad, Mom, I’ll take you outside and get to know the roads, so you don’t get lost on your own!”

“Good, good, you give mum a good talk, although mum can’t see, but can feel!”

Tang Hongying’s face was all wrinkled with laughter!

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ll definitely cure your eyes!”

Chen Ping took his parents out of the villa and admired the view from the top of the mountain!