Phoenix Among Men Chapter 24

As Chen Ping introduced Tang Hongying, he felt a hint of freshness from nature, interspersed with spiritual energy!

To know that what Chen Ping needed to cultivate was spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy here was obviously much denser than below, which helped Chen Ping cultivate even more!

“This is really a good place to cultivate!”

Chen Ping couldn’t help but exclaim!

“What did you say?” Tang Hongying asked.

“Oh, nothing, I said that this is really a good place to retire!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly!

When they turned onto the road they had come from, they found that the three Geng Shanshan had not yet left, and at that moment, when the three people saw Chen Ping appear, they all focused their eyes on him.

Chen Ping was looking at Geng Shanshan and the others with a cold smile on his face, a few people were separated by a gate in the middle, but it was this gate that became a symbol of two statuses!

Chen Ping looked down at the three of them, his eyes full of disdain.

Geng Shanshan looked at Chen Ping like that, her teeth clacking in anger, she couldn’t understand how this Chen Ping had become the owner of the hilltop villa.

“Chen Ping, this friend of yours is really good, he is willing to lend you such a nice villa, when you have time, ask this friend of yours to have a meal with you!”

Tang Hongying didn’t even know that Geng Shanshan was right in front of her, so she said to Chen Ping.

“Okay!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“sh*t, so it’s a loan, I thought it was his!”

As soon as Geng Shanshan heard that, she felt a lot more pain in her heart!

“I asked a friend, this villa belongs to the Su family, it seems to be borrowed by this Chen Ping for pretend use!”

Fu Wei said as he held his phone and looked at the message on it.

“This guy, saving that Su Wenzong’s life, this is planning to eat on the Su family for the rest of his life ah, even the villa is borrowed to pretend!”

Jiang Wenjing sneered.

All three of them looked at Chen Ping with contempt, no longer having that feeling of being a short person just now!

“Even if I borrowed the villa, it’s still better than you guys, if you have the guts, come up here!”

Chen Ping listened to the sour mockery of the three men and hooked his hand towards them!

“Chen Ping, don’t get C*cky, I don’t believe the Su family will protect you for life!”

Geng Shanshan spat fiercely and turned her head to walk away!

They didn’t like the way they looked up at Chen Ping like this.

“Chen Ping, don’t follow that Geng Shanshan in the future to have any contact, that kind of woman is a snake and scorpion, anyone who gets close will get bitten!”

Tang Hongying advised Chen Ping after hearing Geng Shanshan’s voice.

“Mom, I know, let’s go around!”

Chen Ping helped Tang Hongying continue to wander around, with Chen Baoguo following behind with his hands behind his back!

After getting tired of wandering around, they went back to the villa to rest, when a red Porsche pulled up in front of the villa!

Chen Ping took a look, it was Su Yuqi who had arrived!

“Miss Su, what brings you here?”

Chen Ping asked with some surprise.

“Don’t always call me Miss Su Miss Su, I have a name, just call me Yu Qi!”

Su Yuqi said to Chen Ping, “I heard the security guard here call and say that he suspected you of stealing the key and stopped you, I was afraid there was some kind of misunderstanding, so I rushed over here!”

Chen Ping saw that Su Yuqi had actually rushed over especially for this matter, his heart burst with gratitude and said, “It’s alright, the misunderstanding has been explained, but there’s something else I need your help with!”

“What is it, just say it!” Su Yuqi nodded.

“I was talking to my parents about the house being on loan, you happen to be here, so go in and help me deal with it, just say that you lent me the house, there are many things I don’t want my parents to know!”

Chen Ping said in a small voice.

“That’s fine!”

Su Yuqi smiled faintly and thought about walking inside the villa, but just after taking two steps, Su Yuqi snapped back to look at Chen Ping, “What do you think, does this count as me meeting my parents?”

“Uh …………”

Chen Ping was speechless for a moment, frozen on the spot!