Phoenix Among Men Chapter 232

“Mr. Chen, when I heard that you were looking for me, I rushed right over!”

Xiao Lei walked up to Chen Ping and said with a respectful face!

Boom …………

At this moment, everyone present, except Geng Shanshan, was shocked on the spot, their mouths rounded open, and their eyes were about to glare out!

What was it about the Xiao family’s grandson, who was talking so respectfully after Chen Ping?

Shouldn’t the two of them be love rivals?

After sweeping a glance at the shocked crowd, Chen Ping sneered and said to Xiao Lei, “I heard that your Xiao family has business dealings with him?”

Chen Ping pointed at that Yuan Hua!

Xiao Lei glanced at Yuan Hua, and then took a closer look at Yuan Hua’s swollen half face, and guessed something in the slightest, so he said, “Mr. Chen, we do have two real estate projects, and part of the project was contracted to this man, but the cooperation we will terminate immediately, and I will send someone to strictly inspect the quality of the project, as long as there is anything substandard, I will withhold the payment for the project, and then sue to make him bear the loss!”

Chen Ping nodded slightly, he had to admit that this Xiao Lei’s reaction ability was still good!

“Mr. Xiao, what do you mean by this? Our cooperation …………”

“Our cooperation is dissolved, then the project money is withheld, you and also have to bear our losses, can you hear me?”

Xiao Lei looked at Yuan Hua and growled with a cold intent!

He was respectful in front of Chen Ping, but that didn’t mean he was respectful to anyone!

“This …… this …………”

Yuan Hua couldn’t say a word, his mind just couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on!

“Your attitude today has saved your life, but it won’t save the Xiao family ……”

Chen Ping got up and patted Xiao Lei’s shoulder and said!

Chen Ping did not let Xiao Lei go so simply, let the Xiao family go, he can not kill Xiao Lei, but the deadly crime can be exempted from the living crime!

When Xiao Lei heard this, he knelt down in front of Chen Ping with a poof, his face white with fear.

“Mr. Chen, as long as Mr. Chen can let my Xiao family live, my Xiao family is willing to be an ox and a horse to repay Mr. Chen, in addition we have two real estate companies, all of which will be gifted to Mr. Chen’s name!”

Xiao Lei said and actually took out two contracts!

Seeing that this Xiao Lei had prepared them before he came, proving that this fellow was not just a fop either, he wanted to give Chen Ping gifts to make Chen Ping mistakenly think that he was subservient and not a bit of a threat anymore!

But he had never had the chance to give Chen Ping a gift, and no one was willing to take care of this matter, after all, there were two big brothers behind Chen Ping, Gu Wentian and Lin Tianhu, today was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so of course Xiao Lei would seize it!

Looking at the two contracts Xiao Lei took out, it was a bit surprising to Chen Ping. The Xiao family started out with real estate, and now that they had given these two real estate companies to Chen Ping, I was afraid that the Xiao family’s status in Hongcheng would be in ruins.

But a thin camel is bigger than a horse, even if it is a fall, it is not something that ordinary people can compare with. Now Xiao Yan and his father no longer care about money, they only hope to save their lives for the time being, to keep the Xiao family and to raise their strength!

Chen Ping took the contract over, Xiao Lei was ecstatic inside when he saw Chen Ping take the contract, as long as Chen Ping could have the two companies, then the Xiao family would be saved!

“Since your Xiao family is so sincere, then I will let you off the hook!”

Chen Ping took the contract and signed directly on it!

The reason why Chen Ping wanted these two companies of the Xiao family was because he was too short of money, the two bags of medicinal materials that Su Yuqi had sent to him cost several million, and now even at the top of the Pan Long Mountain, the spiritual energy was very thin, and the various resources inside the Seven Star Disc were going to be depleted!

If Chen Ping wanted to cultivate, then there was only one way to do so, and that was to buy expensive medicinal materials and then refine a spirit gathering pill to help him to cultivate, he had to reach the Foundation Establishment stage before the 15th of July, and only when he reached the Foundation Establishment stage could he ascend to Nameless Island!

If he relied only on the thin spiritual energy, he would not reach the Foundation Establishment stage in a monkey’s time!