Phoenix Among Men Chapter 233

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for not killing me!”

Xiao Lei excitedly kowtowed his head repeatedly to thank him!

“You can go now!”

Chen Ping waved his hand indifferently!

Xiao Lei got up and after bowing towards Chen Ping, he turned around and walked out the door, not even glancing at that Geng Shanshan since the beginning!

“Mr. Xiao, we have signed a contract, how can you cancel the cooperation just by saying so? And the payment for the project must be settled for me!”

Yuan Hua directly stopped Xiao Lei and said.

“Get lost!” Xiao Lei had an impatient face, “What can you do if I don’t give you the settlement?”

“Xiao Lei, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you’re from the Xiao family, look at the way you kneeled down for Chen Ping, you have to give me the money even if you cancel the cooperation, my cousin is one of Master Tiger’s men, if you really force me, I’m not afraid of you at all!”

Yuan Hua put his heart on the line and yelled at Xiao Lei!

Although he didn’t understand why Xiao Lei was afraid of Chen Ping, he had to get the money back, or else his company would not be able to operate!

Although the Xiao family was powerful, but compared to Lin Tianhu’s name, it was still close, so Yuan Hua wanted to press Xiao Lei with Lin Tianhu!

“Stupid …………”

Xiao Lei gave that Yuan Hua a disdainful glance and just ignored him and walked away!

Lin Tianhu was honestly listening to Chen Ping, but this Yuan Hua was still using Lin Tianhu’s name to flaunt his authority!

Seeing that Xiao Lei had left, Yuan Hua was full of anger and glared at Chen Ping viciously, it was all because of Chen Ping.

“Chen Ping, although I don’t know what method you used to make that goon Xiao Lei afraid of you, but I’m not afraid of you, I’m going to get you killed today!”

Yuan Hua finished his sentence and walked straight out, looking for his cousin!

The atmosphere inside the compartment instantly fell into an awkward state, no one said anything, they all looked at Chen Ping, unable to understand how Chen Ping had become so bullying, even the Xiao family’s grandson was afraid of him!

Only that Jiang Wenjing looked at Geng Shanshan, with a bit of doubt on her face and said, “Geng Shanshan, did you break up with that Xiao Lei and are not a young grandmother of the Xiao family anymore?”

As soon as Jiang Wenjing said that, all the students looked at Geng Shanshan, each with a questioning gaze!

Geng Shanshan’s face was red and full of embarra*sment!

But it had come to this, she couldn’t hide it even if she wanted to, so she could only nod her head!

“sh*t, I said why did I keep speaking up for Chen Ping just now, it turns out that he was kicked by Xiao Lei!”

“Look at the way Xiao Lei looked just now, he definitely wouldn’t dare to marry Geng Shanshan again!”

“She’s not even a young grandmother of the Xiao family anymore, what’s the point of pretending!”

If Geng Shanshan didn’t have the status of a young grandmother of the Xiao family, she wouldn’t be anything, so who would flatter her?

“Brother Chen, we’d better go, you don’t know, that Master Tiger is really powerful, he kills without blinking an eye!”

Although Chen Erga was shocked that Chen Ping could make Xiao Lei so afraid of him, but now that Yuan Hua had gone to his cousin, who was Lin Tianhu’s man, he was afraid that Chen Ping would offend Lin Tianhu and be killed by him!

Looking at Chen Erga’s scared look, Chen Ping smiled faintly, “Have you ever met Lin Tianhu?”

“No!” Chen Erga shook his head.

“Since you haven’t seen him, how do you know that he kills without blinking!” Chen Ping laughed.

“Brother Chen, you’ve been in prison for the past few years, you don’t know what’s going on outside, Master Tiger’s Gathering Hall followed Feng Sihai’s Red Dragon Gang and killed so fiercely that once more than twenty people died, almost everyone in the city knows about this.”

Chen Erga said with fear in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, with me here, it will be fine!” Chen Ping smiled and patted Chen Erga’s shoulder, then threw the two transfer contracts in front of Chen Erga: “You can help me take care of these two companies, I don’t have time myself!”