Phoenix Among Men Chapter 239

“Yu Qi, I just came over to see Uncle Su, I heard he was sick, and I even brought him the thousand year old ginseng, which I went to a lot of trouble to get back from the Medicine Capital!”

Ling Feng said, and actually tried to grab Su Yuqi’s hand!

Su Yuqi was so scared that she hurriedly stepped back and dodged, but Ling Feng didn’t look like he wanted to give up!

“How did your parents teach you to move your hands and feet in broad daylight?”

Chen Ping saw this scene and his anger rubbed off on him.

“Chen Ping!” Seeing Chen Ping coming, Su Yuqi’s face lit up with joy as she hurriedly ran towards Chen Ping!

When that Ling Feng saw the look in Su Yuqi’s eyes when she saw Chen Ping, hostility instantly flashed in her eyes and she gave Chen Ping a fierce look, “Who are you? Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are, whoever touches my wife, I’ll beat them up ……”

After Chen Ping said that, he thought of going up and giving that Ling Feng two kicks!

But Su Yuqi hurriedly pulled Chen Ping: “You first put don’t do it, he didn’t touch me either!”

But Chen Ping’s words warmed Su Yuqi’s heart, she found herself liking Chen Ping more and more!

“Your wife?” Ling Feng’s eyes instantly widened, his face full of incredulity!

“It’s not my wife, it’s still your wife, want to see the marriage certificate?”

Chen Ping looked at Ling Feng with disdain and sneered.

Su Yuqi was dumbfounded at hearing this, when did she follow Chen Ping with a marriage certificate, she didn’t even know it herself, but on second thought, she knew that this was Chen Ping’s intention to be angry with that Ling Feng.

“Okay, show it to me.”

Ling Feng said as he held out his hand.

When Chen Ping heard this, he was just slightly stunned, he didn’t expect this guy to really look at it!

“I don’t have it on me, besides my wedding photo, why should I show it to you!”

Chen Ping had a playful face, obviously teasing that Ling Feng.

Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping like that and covered her mouth and snickered!

“Kid, do you know what the consequences of teasing me are? Believe it or not …………”

Before Ling Feng could finish his words, he saw Su Wenzong walking out with a pot of tea, and was a little surprised to see Chen Ping there as well, “Chen Ping, you’re here too, come along quickly and try the Biluochun I brewed myself, Xiao Feng, you come too!”

After Su Wenzong knew that Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were getting closer and closer, his name was slowly changing, and he started to call them by their first names, so that he would look close to Chen Ping!

“The Biluochun my father brews is very good, let’s go drink it together!”

Su Yuqi actually took Chen Ping’s arm and walked towards a gazebo in the courtyard in front of Ling Feng!

When Ling Feng saw this scene, his face turned black, but he followed him over!

A few people sat in the gazebo, Su Wenzong personally poured a few cups of tea, then smilingly said to Ling Feng, “Little Feng, this is Chen Ping, he cured me of my illness, otherwise I would have been down in the dirt by now!”

“Uncle Su, isn’t this Yu Qi’s husband? The two of them have a marriage certificate!”

Ling Feng asked as he turned to Su Wenzong.

“Husband? Marriage certificate?”

Su Wenzong was stunned, he didn’t even know about it, Su Yuqi hadn’t told him about it either!

Seeing Su Wenzong’s expression, Ling Feng smiled coldly, confirming his guess, just now he guessed that Chen Ping was lying to him, deliberately angry with him, he followed Su Yuqi and was not married at all, nor did he have any marriage certificate!

“Dad, it was Chen Ping who was playing around!” Su Yuqi hurriedly followed Su Wenzong and explained!

Don’t look at Su Wen Zong was very happy with Chen Ping, but if Su Yu Qi dared to secretly get a license, Su Wen Zong would definitely not agree to it, knowing that Su Wen Zong was a very traditional person.

“Oh!” Su Wen Zong’s face eased up!

Seeing this, Ling Feng looked at Chen Ping and smiled coldly, with a provocative look at Chen Ping!