Phoenix Among Men Chapter 240

“Uncle Su, I heard that you weren’t feeling well some time ago, I specially brought you thousand year old ginseng from Yuncheng, this kind of thing can’t be found, I collected it from a mountain farmer at a high price, I heard that eating it can prolong your life and protect you from all diseases!”

Ling Feng finished and took out a very delicate box from his body, the box was wrapped in red cloth and tied with a red rope!

“This thousand year old ginseng is all spiritual, if it wasn’t wrapped in red cloth and tied with a red rope, it would probably have run away!”

Ling Feng explained as he handed the box to Su Wen Zong!

“Little Feng, you’re so kind!” Su Wenzong happily took the box, then continued, “Your father is still busy lately, right? I’ve always wanted to find time to sit down with him, but I haven’t had the chance!”

“Uncle Su, my dad has been quite busy lately, you also know that a Hong Kong businessman wants to come to Hongcheng to invest, my dad accompanies him around every day, but I told my dad about the development of that piece of land to the west of the Su family’s city, he has already instructed someone to start approving it!”

When Ling Feng finished speaking, he didn’t forget to glance at Chen Ping!

He was sure that when Chen Ping heard this, he should have known who he was and would definitely have wimped out!

As soon as Su Wenzong heard Ling Feng’s words, he burst out laughing happily, “Little Feng, Uncle Su is really thanking you, if that land in the west of the Su family’s city can be developed, this kindness, Uncle Su will not forget you!”

“Uncle Su is very kind, we’re all family, what’s the point of being polite!”

When Ling Feng said family, he deliberately increased his tone of voice and gave Chen Ping a provocative look!

Only Chen Ping didn’t even look at him, his face was calm, and Chen Ping wasn’t the least bit surprised by Ling Feng’s status!

Seeing Chen Ping so calm, Ling Feng felt a little surprised, he was surprised that Chen Ping hadn’t even heard of his identity by now!

“Chief Su …………” Chen Ping took out the pills he had refined and spoke up as well!

But just as he opened his mouth, he was given a fierce twist by Su Yuqi beside him and glared at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping jerked awake and hurriedly changed his mouth, “Uncle father, the elixir made for you has been completed, once you take it, your body will be fine!”

Su Wenzong accepted Chen Ping’s elixir with a look of excitement that was even happier than getting Ling Feng’s thousand-year-old ginseng!

After all, Su Wenzong knew what Chen Ping was capable of, and the elixir Chen Ping had refined was not even too much to say that it was an immortal elixir!

After receiving the elixir, Su Wenzong swallowed it straight away.

Seeing a black, unpleasant pill that made Su Wenzong happier than his own thousand-year ginseng, that Ling Feng was instantly furious in his heart!

“Uncle Su, a black and unpleasant pill doesn’t have to make you so happy, right? This thousand year old ginseng of mine is much better than this pill from who knows where he got it from!”

Ling Feng said with slight displeasure!

Su Wenzong was about to open his mouth to explain, but he saw Chen Ping smiling coldly, “Who knows if you have thousand-year-old ginseng or gra*s roots in there!”

When Ling Feng heard this, his face suddenly changed, “Kid, what do you mean? If I didn’t fear that if I opened the box, the ginseng would escape, I would let you see it now!”

Hearing Ling Feng say this, Chen Ping and Su Yuqi let out a poof of laughter.

They didn’t expect that this Ling Feng really believed that the thousand-year ginseng had a spirit and would run away!

And how could one million dollars buy a thousand year ginseng, knowing that the hundred year ginseng, Lingzhi and the like that Su Yuqi had prepared had cost several million dollars, just this one elixir that Chen Ping had refined was over a million!

“What are you guys laughing at? Do you think I’m lying?”

Ling Feng was a bit anxious!

“Ling Feng, you didn’t buy this thousand year old ginseng without looking at it either, did you? It was just sold to you straight away?”

Su Yuqi asked at Ling Feng as she struggled to hold in her laughter.