Phoenix Among Men Chapter 241

“Of course I looked, could I be that stupid? But we were covered by a red cloth and opened a crack to look, so that the ginseng couldn’t escape!”

Ling Feng hurriedly explained.

Hearing Ling Feng say this, Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were even more convinced that this guy had been tricked by others, and even Su Wenzong couldn’t stop shaking his head with a helpless, bitter smile!

This Ling Feng was just a gentry, who hadn’t wrestled in society at all, so he thought a lot of things too naively, after all, the gentry of one of Hong Cheng’s hands, who dared to mess with him?

Just that Audi car outside, driving out anywhere in Hongcheng, others would hide away.

“I believe you’re not lying, absolutely!” Chen Ping suddenly followed Ling Feng with a serious face!

Just as Ling Feng looked at Chen Ping, confused as to what Chen Ping meant by this, Chen Ping, who originally had a serious face, smiled again and said immediately afterwards, “But I don’t believe that mountain farmer, maybe he’s lying!”

Ling Feng’s eyes glared, he understood that this Chen Ping still didn’t believe it!

“I have to hit you in the face today, I’ll show you if it’s gra*s roots or mountain ginseng!”

Ling Feng got anxious and took the box and opened it up.

When the box was opened, that Ling Feng was instantly frozen, only to see that inside the box were really a few dry gra*s roots lying inside, where was any thousand year old ginseng!

“Giggle giggle …………”

Su Yuqi saw this and laughed so hard that her tears almost flowed out.

Su Wenzong couldn’t really hold it in either and burst out laughing.

One million, buying a few gra*s roots, how unjust should this be!

“D*mn it, dare to cheat me, I will find him and make him do jail time for the rest of his life ……”

Ling Feng listened to the laughter of a few people and was so angry that he viciously slammed the box on the ground and yelled in anger.

“Do you know the name of the man who sold you ginseng? Where does he live? Where are you going to find him? That’s Yuncheng, not Hongcheng, your father’s hands can’t reach there yet!”

Chen Ping continued to irritate Ling Feng, which made that Ling Feng’s face red with anger, but he had nothing to say, after all, what Chen Ping said was the truth!

“Alright, alright, learn from a mistake, there is no way to walk in society without losing out, let’s continue to taste tea!”

Su Wenzong hurriedly gave Ling Feng a step down.

Otherwise, if Chen Ping followed Ling Feng and really got into trouble, this would not end well, after all, Ling Feng is the son of the first hand of Hongcheng, Su Wenzong also dare not easily offend!

“Uncle Su, I still have a few hundred year old ginseng plants at home, they’re all genuine, I’ll have my driver fetch them for you now!”

Ling Feng felt humiliated, so he planned to ask his driver to go to his house and get those few ginseng plants over!

“Little Feng, no need, your feelings are appreciated Uncle Su!”

Su Wenzong hurriedly stopped!

But Ling Feng had already stood up and walked outside, walked to the car, followed the driver and whispered a few words, and from time to time, looked at Chen Ping twice, the driver in nodded and drove off!

It only took about twenty minutes for the driver to return, carrying a gift box in his hand, after seeing Ling Feng, he handed it to him and whispered a few words in Ling Feng’s ear!

When the driver finished speaking, a flash of excitement flashed across Ling Feng’s face and he looked at Chen Ping with instant contempt in his gaze!

Ling Feng waved his hand and told the driver to go out and wait while he walked up to Su Wenzong with the gift box, “Uncle Su, here are a few hundred year old ginseng plants, boil yourself a soup when you have nothing to drink!”

This time, Ling Feng personally opened the gift box in person, and inside were indeed a few ginseng plants, and they were all of good quality.

“Little Feng, you don’t have to be so polite, since it’s a thought from you, then Uncle Su will accept it!”

Su Wenzong took the gift box!

“Uncle Su, you should take care of your health in the future, you can’t eat everything given to you by anyone, especially from reformers, you don’t know that these people are particularly bad, there is no good person in jail, even if he gets out, he still can’t change his status of being a reformer!”

As Ling Feng said this, his eyes looked directly at Chen Ping, his face was full of ridicule!

Obviously he had just asked that driver to investigate Chen Ping and knew something about Chen Ping!