Phoenix Among Men Chapter 245

“No, it won’t ……”

Su Wenzong hurriedly shook his head, and then said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, you should apologize to Mayor Ling first!”

Chen Ping’s first impression of this Ling Zhenchuan was very good, he could see that Ling Zhenchuan was a fair and honest official who loved the people like a son, looking at Ling Zhenchuan and the Wang Hui couple, Chen Ping really couldn’t figure out if that Ling Feng was their real son!

“Mayor Ling, I struck hard yesterday and broke your son’s wrist, but I was able to put it back and it won’t affect my life in the future.”

Chen Ping said indifferently after Ling Zhenchuan.

Chen Ping did not have an apologetic attitude because he did not feel that he should apologize, the reason why he followed Ling Zhenchuan so politely was because Ling Zhenchuan was a good official!

Once they heard that Chen Ping had broken Ling Feng’s wrist, Ling Zhenchuan and Wang Hui were all stunned and their brows were furrowed1

When Su Wenzong saw this, he hurriedly explained, recounting everything, including that Ling Feng had made a move on Su Yuqi in public.

After hearing Su Wenzong’s account, Ling Zhenchuan’s face turned red with anger and he looked at Wang Hui and said, “Has that brat come back yet?”

“No, he hasn’t come back since yesterday!”

Wang Hui shook her head.

Ling Zhenchuan gritted his teeth, “If this brat comes back, I will definitely break his legs.”

After saying that, Ling Zhenchuan took out his mobile phone and called his driver directly.

Soon, the driver arrived by car, and once he entered the door and saw Su Wenzong and Chen Ping there, that driver froze slightly.

“Mayor Ling, you …… you’re looking for me!”

The driver’s body was trembling slightly, he seemed to be scared!

“Xiao Sun, let me ask you, did that brat use my car yesterday?”

Ling Zhenchuan asked in a stern voice.

“No …… no ……”

The driver stumbled and couldn’t say a word!

Boom …………

Ling Zhenchuan slammed the coffee table and roared, “Tell me the truth!”

The driver shivered in fear: “Mr. Ling is using the car!”

When Ling Zhenchuan heard this, his body shook with anger, “What did I tell you about not letting him touch my car, can’t you remember? The car is the state’s, not his Ling Feng’s, he can use it whenever he wants, I see if you don’t want to work anymore?”

The driver, Xiao Sun, was scared silly, his whole body was shivering and he was on the verge of tears!

Wang Hui saw this and hurriedly persuaded Ling Zhenchuan, “Old Ling, don’t get angry yet, before you get angry and ruin your health, I’ll just manage him in the future, now Xiao Feng’s wrist is broken, I don’t know where it is yet, let’s find him first!”

“Find a fart, let him die outside!” Ling Zhenchuan’s chest kept heaving with anger, “My lifetime of wisdom will be ruined sooner or later by this brat’s hands!”

Wang Hui kept patting Ling Zhenchuan’s back, then looked to her driver Xiao Sun and said, “Xiao Sun, do you know where Xiao Feng is?”

“Madam, Mr. Ling is now in the hospital, his wrist has been attached, but he is now contacting people, as if he wants to take revenge ……”

Xiao Sun at this time did not dare to be hiding something for that Ling Feng, and said truthfully.

“Little brat, he still dares to retaliate?” As soon as Ling Zhenchuan heard this, his whole body jumped up: “You pick him up for me right now, if he doesn’t come back, then don’t ever let him come back!”

Little Sun nodded at him and hurriedly walked away!

“Mayor Ling, after all, Feng is still young, so you shouldn’t be too angry!”

Su Wenzong saw this and hurriedly persuaded as well.

“Ai ……” Ling Zhenchuan sighed, “Old Su, I’ve really made you laugh, it’s unfortunate for the family, unfortunate for the family, to have given birth to such a beast.”

Ling Zhenchuan looked at Chen Ping and said with a face full of shame, “Young man, I have made you laugh, my rebellious son deserves to die even if he is dead, I can’t blame you, it’s us parents who didn’t discipline him well!”