Phoenix Among Men Chapter 246

“Mayor Ling, no one is perfect, I believe that under the teachings of Mayor Ling and Madam, your son will correct himself!”

Chen Ping had admiration for Ling Zhenchuan’s character!

The reason why Ling Feng had become like this was definitely related to Ling Zhenchuan’s forgetful work, with his mind only on his work, he would definitely be negligent about his children’s education, which had caused this arrogant and domineering character of Ling Feng!

Soon, the driver, Xiao Sun, picked up Ling Feng, whose arm was bandaged and already bandaged up!

After Ling Feng entered, he saw Chen Ping and Su Wen Zong and didn’t give feel surprised, it seems that that driver Xiao Sun had already told him!

“Dad …………”

Ling Feng shouted after Ling Zhenchuan with trepidation!

“Little brat, I’ll smash you to death …………”

Ling Zhenchuan picked up the stool and was about to smash Ling Feng, scaring him so much that he directly hid in the corner, it looked like he was very afraid of Ling Zhenchuan!

“Old Ling, what are you doing …………”

Wang Hui hurriedly pulled Ling Zhenchuan and desperately winked towards Ling Feng, causing him to run upstairs!

“Mayor Ling, you shouldn’t be too angry!”

Su Wenzong also stepped forward to persuade.

But at that moment, Ling Zhenchuan, who was carrying the stool, suddenly fell to the ground with a black eye!

This sudden change of events startled Wang Hui and Su Wenzong!

“Old Ling, old Ling …………” Wang Hui shouted anxiously, and then said to the driver Xiao Sun: “Hurry up and take him to the hospital! ”

“Wait a minute!” Chen Ping at this time a healthy step forward, directly put his hand on Ling Zhenchuan’s forehead!

Wang Hui looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled face, and only then did Su Wen Zong remember that Chen Ping was a miracle doctor!

“Madam Ling, Chen Ping knows the art of healing, just let him take a look!”

Su Wenzong explained after Wang Hui!

Wang Hui nodded and looked at Chen Ping half-heartedly, cold sweat breaking out on her forehead!

After Chen Ping had examined Ling Zhenchuan once, his entire face became very grave, his brows locked in a frown!

“Chen Ping, is Mayor Ling very serious?”

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Su Wenzong was a little panicked!

If something happened to Ling Zhenchuan, where to find such a good leader!

“Mayor Ling just fainted from anger, it’s not a big deal!”

Chen Ping shook his head, but at this moment, Chen Ping was worried about something else!

Inside Ling Zhenchuan’s body, someone had cast a soul hooking spell, which made Chen Ping confirm his earlier guess that the Hong Kong businessman with the goatee had cast a soul hooking spell inside Ling Zhenchuan’s body when he was shaking hands after him!

As for the effect of the soul-hooking technique, it was self-explanatory. A person who had been hit by the soul-hooking technique would temporarily lose his soul and turn into a walking corpse for the person who had cast the soul-hooking technique to drive.

The goat-bearded Hong Kong businessman had given Ling Zhenchuan the soul-hooking spell for the purpose of developing the area south of the city.

“Since it’s no big deal, let’s wake up Mayor Ling!”

Su Wenzong could see Wang Hui’s anxiety, and in order to rea*sure Wang Hui, Su Wenzong urged Chen Ping to wake up Ling Zhenchuan first!

Chen Ping nodded and gently tapped at Ling Zhenchuan’s human centre point, and Ling Zhenchuan slowly opened his eyes!

“Old Ling, you’re awake, you scared the hell out of me!”

Wang Hui saw that Ling Zhenchuan had woken up, and then she let out a long breath!

Ling Zhenchuan opened his eyes with a bit of confusion in his eyes, “What’s wrong with me?”

“You pa*sed out from anger, I told you long ago not to let you get so angry, but you people just don’t listen, it’s lucky that this young man is here today, otherwise we wouldn’t know what to do!”

Wang Hui said, and helped Ling Zhenchuan up!

Ling Zhenchuan couldn’t help but look at Chen Ping twice more, somewhat surprised, “Young man you still know the art of medicine?”

“I know a little!” Chen Ping nodded his head!