Phoenix Among Men Chapter 249

The small house of Ling Zhenchuan’s family!

Ling Zhenchuan, who had already taken his lunch break, suddenly opened his eyes!

There was not a single ray of light in his eyes, and he was staring straight up at the ceiling!

Soon, Ling Zhenchuan stood up, put on his coat and walked out mechanically!

Wang Hui, who was tidying up the living room, saw that Ling Zhenchuan had suddenly gotten up and asked in confusion, “Old Ling, is there something wrong? You’re not even taking a nap!”

Ling Zhenchuan did not say anything, but directly opened the door to his room and walked out!

“This guy, the words won’t even come out!”

Wang Hui muttered before ignoring it and continuing to clean up the house!

Ling Zhenchuan walked out of the house, got into his car and drove off straight away!

“Mr. Chen, it’s out, it’s out ……”

Lin Tianhu nudged Chen Ping immediately after seeing Ling Zhenchuan go out.

Chen Ping sat up, saw Ling Zhenchuan’s appearance, immediately understood what was going on, and followed Lin Tianhu, “Follow him!”

Lin Tianhu drove and followed directly.

The car turned east and west in Hongcheng and finally stopped in front of a very remote hotel!

“What is this Ling Zhenchuan doing here?”

Lin Tianhu asked in a very puzzled manner.

Chen Ping looked at the shabby inn and didn’t answer Lin Tianhu, instead he just walked out of the car and watched Ling Zhenchuan walk into that inn!

“Order your men to surround this hotel, and don’t let a single person go!”

Chen Ping ordered to Lin Tianhu.

Lin Tianhu nodded and looked at the dozens of men he had brought with him, his face was cold as he said, “Mr. Chen has orders, surround the inn, don’t turn a single person in or out, if you let a fly go, I will have your lives!”

“Yes!” Dozens of people from the Gathering Hall immediately surrounded the inn and stood by in a strict position!

“Go, you come in with me!”

Chen Ping led Lin Tianhu into the inn!

At this moment, in a room on the first floor of the inn, Ling Zhenchuan was standing in it mutely, without a glint in his eyes!

Master Bai and the two Hong Kong businessmen were all laughing at the arrival of Ling Zhenchuan!

“Hahahaha, the head of Hong City is still obediently following our orders!”

The slightly chubby Hong Kong businessman laughed and slapped his hand on Ling Chenchuan’s face!

“Who would have thought that this hand of Hongcheng would now become our puppet, this whole Hongcheng will be ours from now on ……”

The thinly built Hong Kong businessman also shouted happily!

“Hurry up and bring out the contract, let him sign it before he does!”

Master Bai urged!

As soon as the contract was signed, he would be considered to have delivered and the 50 million would be credited to his account!

Upon hearing this, the skinny Hong Kong businessman hurriedly took out the contract he had prepared long ago and handed Ling Zhenchuan a pen, “Sign the contract for me!”

Ling Zhenchuan took the pen and then signed his name in the contract without hesitation.

He also took out his seal from inside the briefcase he had with him and stamped it on top of the contract with force!

“It’s done, hahahahaha …………”

With the contract in hand, the two Hong Kong businessmen laughed wildly.

The corners of Master Bai’s mouth also raised and said, “Two, since it’s done, shouldn’t my money be paid as well?”

“Of course, of course ……”

The slightly fat Hong Kong businessman hurriedly took out his mobile phone, and after a flurry of operations, the 50 million was transferred directly to Master Bai’s name!

Seeing the arrival message, Grandmaster Bai’s face also broke into a smile!

Bam …………

Just as the three of them were laughing, suddenly the door of the room was kicked open with force!

Lin Tianhu rushed in with a fierce look on his face, followed closely by Chen Ping!

“Crouch down, no one moves!”

Lin Tianhu had a shiny machete in his hand!

Seeing Lin Tianhu’s appearance, and the knife in his hand, the two Hong Kong businessmen took Lin Tianhu for a robber!