Phoenix Among Men Chapter 250

Only that Master Bai glanced at Chen Ping behind Lin Tianhu and his brow furrowed!

He had an impression of Chen Ping, having met him when he was at Ling Zhenchuan’s house!

At that time, he also vaguely felt that there was something unusual about Chen Ping, so he gave him an extra look, but as to what was different, he couldn’t tell!

Chen Ping was an immortal cultivator, so he could not sense the aura fluctuations of a small warlock like him!

“Who are you people? Do you know who is standing here? How dare you come here to rob?”

The slightly fat Hong Kong merchant shouted out in anger!

“Right, the one standing here is your Hongcheng’s hand Ling Zhenchuan, do you guys not want to live anymore?”

The slightly thin Hong Kong businessman followed suit.

“f*ck, just squat down when I tell you to, where’s the bullsh*t!”

Lin Tianhu instantly kicked out two kicks, directly knocking the two men to the ground!

The two men were just businessmen, they were well clothed and fed all day, they couldn’t withstand Lin Tianhu’s kicks, they were lying on the ground one by one, wailing!

“Brother, just say what you want, just don’t hurt anyone!”

Master Bai asked as he looked towards Chen Ping.

He could see out that Chen Ping was the one who was really in charge!

“What do I want, you know very well, a little soul hooker who still dares to come to Hongcheng and spill his guts!”

The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted as he said with a face full of disdain!

“What are you?” Master Bai frowned, someone who could call out the Soul Hooking Technique must be of the same path as him!

“What I am, you don’t need to know!”

After Chen Ping looked at Ling Zhenchuan, who had a mute face and was standing motionless at the side, an aura struck directly from Ling Zhenchuan’s forehead, and Ling Zhenchuan’s body trembled, followed by aura in his eyes.

“This …… where am I?”

Ling Zhenchuan came to his senses and asked in surprise.

“Mayor Ling, you were lured here by these people using the hooking technique!”

Chen Ping followed Ling Zhenchuan and said.

This time, Ling Zhenchuan did not directly reprimand Chen Ping, but looked at the two Hong Kong businessmen who had fallen to the ground, and at Master Bai who had a nervous look on his face!

Internally extremely shocked, his entire mind was now blank and his thoughts were confused!

“You guys come and tell Mayor Ling, what the hell is going on here?”

Chen Ping said as he pointed at the two Hong Kong businessmen who had fallen to the ground.

“Speak!” The machete in Lin Tianhu’s hand went straight to the two men’s necks!

This time, the two Hong Kong businessmen were so scared that they almost P*ssed themselves, but when they were about to speak, that Master Bai suddenly pulled out a cloth bag from his body, followed by a forceful shake!

A stream of black fog rushed out from inside the bag, each with its teeth and claws, instantly filling up the whole room!

Lin Tianhu didn’t have any reaction, whether it was at the Gu Family or at the Thundering Temple, Lin Tianhu had seen these ghosts before, and Chen Ping had also told Lin Tianhu about them, so he wasn’t afraid anymore!

“Hmph, carved insects and tricks!”

Chen Ping snorted coldly and fiercely opened his mouth, that stream of black mist was instantly sucked inside Chen Ping’s stomach!

Looking at the black fog that was so open and clawed that Chen Ping sucked it all into his stomach, Grandmaster Bai was stunned!

He had never seen such a situation before, these things were beyond his knowledge!

Poof …………

Grandmaster Bai was so stunned that he directly knelt down for Chen Ping!

“Great Daoist spare my life, Great Daoist spare my life, I know my sin …………”

Grandmaster Bai kept kowtowing to Chen Ping!

In Grandmaster Bai’s opinion, this Chen Ping and he were fellow practitioners, only that Chen Ping’s Dao was much higher than his, that’s why this Grandmaster Bai called himself a disciple!

“You come and explain to Mayor Ling what is going on!”

Chen Ping said to that Master Bai.

Master Bai dared not take any chances and told Ling Zhenchuan exactly what had happened!