Phoenix Among Men Chapter 251

Ling Zhenchuan was stunned to hear this, and when he took the contract from the bed, Ling Zhenchuan was dumbfounded, it really had his signature and seal on it.

If Chen Ping hadn’t come, and the contract had been executed, he would have been the sinner of the whole city, and might have been arrested!

Cold sweat ran down Ling Zhenchuan’s forehead as he hastily tore the contract to pieces!

He was panting heavily, Ling Zhenchuan’s heart was thumping, what happened today really changed his perception!

“Little …… Mr. Chen, thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you, the consequences would have been unthinkable, you kindly reminded me at noon and I even treated you like that, I’m really ashamed!”

Ling Zhenchuan said as he followed Chen Ping with a face full of shame.

“Mayor Ling, there is no need to be polite, this is all just for the benefit of the people of Hongcheng!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly.

“I really didn’t expect Mr. Chen to be so young, yet his heart is for the welfare of all people, Mr. Chen is really no ordinary man, compared to my indisputable son, hey …………”

Speaking of his son, Ling Zhenchuan heaved a sigh!

“Mayor Ling doesn’t have to worry too much, people always change!” Chen Ping spoke to Ling Zhenchuan in a persuasive manner, before asking, “What about these three people?”

Ling Zhenchuan looked at the two Hong Kong businessmen and Grandmaster Bai, and his brow furrowed!

Although the three people had conspired to try to control him and reap benefits from Hong Cheng, the other party was, after all, of foreign Hong Kong status, and even if they were pursued, they would only be expelled and would not be punished!

“Mayor Ling, leave the three men to me to dispose of, you go back to rest, don’t go out at night for the time being, your divine soul is damaged, something can easily happen!”

Chen Ping could see Ling Zhenchuan’s dilemma, so he spoke up!

This time, Ling Zhenchuan didn’t say that Chen Ping was suspicious and credulous, the scene that had just happened in front of him was still haunting him!

“I know, then I’ll be grateful to Mr. Chen, when I have time, I’ll personally come to my door to thank you!”

Ling Zhenchuan finished speaking and hurriedly walked away, looking like he was terrified to death!

“Mr. Chen, what about these three people? Throw them straight into the river and feed them to the fish, right?”

Lin Tianhu asked to Chen Ping after Ling Zhenchuan left.

The moment they heard that they would be fed to the fish, the three men were terrified.

“Great Daxian, I beg Great Daxian to spare my life, I have fifty million here, I am willing to pay my respects to Great Daxian, as long as Great Daxian can let me go back!”

Master Bai said with a trembling body.

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, his eyes lit up, since these three people had special status and could not be killed, it was appropriate to knock a sum of money, now Chen Ping was exactly in need of money!

“Seeing as it’s not easy for you to cultivate, call over the 50 million and get lost!”

Chen Ping said with a cold face.

When Master Bai heard this, he was overjoyed, it didn’t matter if the money was spent, as long as he could live, he could earn it again if it was gone!

After hastily transferring the money to Chen Ping, he got up and ran away!

The two remaining Hong Kong businessmen hurriedly said, as if they had caught a lifeline, “We’ll pay too, we’ll pay too!”

“You two are the masterminds, so one hundred million each before you can be released!”

Chen Ping looked at the two Hong Kong businessmen who did not look like poor money masters, so he spoke up.

As soon as they heard that they could be let go with one hundred million, the two Hong Kong businessmen’s eyes lit up and they struggled to transfer the money to Chen Ping and then ran away!

Seeing the two men giving the money so readily, a strong sense of remorse suddenly rose in Chen Ping’s heart!

“Lin Tianhu, do you think I want less? These two guys gave too much painfully!”

Chen Ping frowned and said.

“It should be to less, I’ve heard that these Hong Kong businessmen’s a*sets all start at a hundred billion!”

“sh*t, you didn’t say so earlier!” Chen Ping burst out with a foul mouth!

But things had come to this, Chen Ping couldn’t go back on his words, picking up more than two hundred million for nothing was not bad, when the money was almost saved, Chen Ping planned to make a trip to the drug capital!