Phoenix Among Men Chapter 253

“You kid, you keep causing trouble all day long, this is going to make your father angry, this time breaking your wrist is still light, if you keep causing trouble, maybe one day you will be thrown into the river to feed the fish!”

Wang Hui said as she looked at Ling Feng with hatred and disdain.

“Feed the fish, just feed the fish, get out, I want to sleep!”

Ling Feng started to shoo Wang Hui out the door!

“Your father said not to let you seek revenge on that Chen Ping, or else he’ll break your legs!”

Wang Hui barked at Ling Feng!

As soon as Ling Feng heard this, he became anxious: “Let him break it, don’t break my legs, just kill me, I’m just as relieved …………”

Ling Feng yelled after Wang Hui, who was afraid that Ling Zhenchuan would hear him, and hurriedly walked away, shutting the door tightly!

“Chen Ping, I will make you look good …………”

Wang Hui walked back, and Ling Feng gritted his teeth!


In the hilltop villa of Pan Long Bay!

The herbs Lin Tianhu sent someone to buy had been delivered, Chen Ping looked at the bags of herbs, his head was a little big, it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, he would have to refine it all night!

Luckily neither Tang Hongying nor Chen Baoguo were home, ever since Tang Hongying could see things with her eyes, she hadn’t stayed at home, she had been out and about, looking at the beautiful scenery and watching the changes in Hongcheng!

After all, she hadn’t been able to see anything for years, and now that she could suddenly see, Tang Hongying wanted to see everything!

After getting the herbs into the bedroom and locking the door, Chen Ping began to strangle the alchemy and refine the Little Returning Pill!

After a whole night’s work, all the herbs were exhausted and Chen Ping had made a total of twenty Xiao Yang Dan, but the night had also exhausted Chen Ping, and when it was dawn, Chen Ping fell asleep!

Chen Ping had not yet reached the stage of “Purging”, so he had not yet gone without food, drink or sleep!

I don’t know how long he slept, but Chen Ping was awakened by a loud noise!

Looking at the sun outside, it should be almost noon, Chen Ping got up and walked out of his room, only to find that there were quite a few people inside the hall, and several children running around playfully, making a mess of the whole room!

“Chen Ping is at home, it’s different when you live in a big house, you don’t even have these poor relatives in your eyes anymore!”

A middle-aged woman dressed demurely looked at Chen Ping and said in a sinister manner.

“Second Aunt, when did you come?”

Chen Ping looked a little surprised to see that middle-aged woman!

“We came a long time ago, I didn’t expect you to sleep inside your room, you didn’t even know to greet us!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt rolled her eyes and sat down directly on the sofa to the side!

Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to her, but looked at Tang Hongying with a questioning face.

Tang Hongying pulled Chen Ping aside and said with slight embarra*sment, “I called them, I …… just want them to see that our family is now living in a big house, but I didn’t expect so many people to come and mess up the house, how can I explain this to other people’s Yu Qi? ”

Tang Hongying had always thought that this big house was lent to Chen Ping by Su Yuqi, so that they could borrow it, not knowing that it was given to Chen Ping.

“Mom, it’s fine, let them look around, just get someone to clean it up when it gets messy.” When Chen Ping heard that, he hurriedly said to Tang Hongying to comfort her!

“It looks like they won’t leave at noon, they will definitely want to eat, you go ahead and book a restaurant, don’t be too expensive!”

Tang Hongying said, taking out a handful of money from her pocket and shoving it at Chen Ping!

“Mom, I have money, you don’t have to worry about it!” Chen Ping didn’t take it!

“You’ve just joined the workforce, where can you get the money? Besides, you can’t spend other people’s money all day long, a big man can’t always spend a woman’s money!”

Tang Hongying shoved the money at Chen Pingzhi and left!

Looking at the new and old handful of money in his hand, Chen Ping let out a bitter smile, put the money into his pocket and went out!