Phoenix Among Men Chapter 254

Chen Ping called Lin Tianhu and asked him to come and pick him up, just in time to give him the Small Returning Pills he had refined, and then just book a random table at the Tian Yuan Restaurant!

Lin Tianhu arrived very quickly and received Chen Ping directly to the Tian Yuan Restaurant, where in Lin Tianhu’s office, Chen Ping handed him twenty Little Returning Pills!

“Here is a total of twenty pills, the price you paid for the herbs is the cost price, exactly how much to sell them for and how to sell them out, I don’t care, you run this thing, if the response is good, we are increasing the refining.”

Chen Ping followed Lin Tianhu and said.

“Got it!” Lin Tianhu took the Little Returning Pill and said, “Hall Master, I’ve prepared the best Imperial Hall here for you, it will definitely make you twice as good!”

When Chen Ping heard this, he shook his head and said, “Don’t be so nice, just the ordinary private room, from now on, you should save and spend, there are many places where you need money!”

“Fine, fine!” Lin Tianhu nodded his head repeatedly!

Chen Ping didn’t have any feelings for his second uncle’s family, he even said he was a bit disgusted!

In the past, Chen Ping’s family was all in the countryside, but later on, as Chen Baoguo’s position was slowly promoted, Chen Ping’s family also moved from the countryside to the city, and from that time on, Chen Ping’s second uncle’s family would come to the city to find Chen Baoguo when they needed something!

Later, Chen Baoguo helped out by arranging for Chen Ping’s second uncle to move to the city, and even found a job for Chen Ping’s second aunt, but as Chen Ping’s second uncle was promoted, he started to look down on Chen Ping’s family.

After Chen Ping was jailed, Chen Baoguo lost his job, and Chen Ping’s second uncle’s family despised them even more, not even visiting them once, not even caring about them.

Tang Hongying informed Chen Ping’s second uncle’s family that she was living in a big house, but she also wanted to show off, so that Chen Ping’s second uncle’s family would be impressed.

At noon, Chen Ping’s parents and his second uncle’s family all arrived!

When Chen Ping led them into the private room, Chen Ping’s second aunt immediately turned her mouth up and said, “You live in such a prestigious house, and you’re bringing us to such a private room for dinner? You’re really treating poor relatives like relatives!”

“Mom, why did you forget? Didn’t you just say that the house is a loan, not theirs.

Chen Ping’s cousin glanced at Chen Ping and said.

“Giggle, I really forgot, it’s on loan!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt giggled!

Soon, everyone was seated, leaving only the very edge of the room for Chen Ping’s family of three!

And on that main seat, Chen Ping’s second uncle, Chen Baoqiang, sat there with a bland look on his face, his eyes slightly narrowed with a defiant gaze!

Now that this Chen Baoqiang was sitting in the position of the director of the office of a certain bureau, there were a lot of people who flattered him, so he had developed this look of contempt for everything!

On Chen Baoqiang’s left side is Chen Ping’s second aunt Li Shuzhen, all jeweled, her lips painted as if she had eaten a dead rat, and her heavy make-up is as ugly as it can be.

Next to Li Shuzhen is their son, Chen Zhi, who is only a few months younger than Chen Ping, and when their grandfather named them, he gave them a horizontal and vertical name, so one of them was named Chen Ping and the other Chen Zhi!

But this Chen Zhi was uneducated and still unmarried, while Chen Ping would have been married long ago if he hadn’t been in jail!

On Chen Baoqiang’s right side was a young man in a suit, full of arrogance, this man was Chen Ping’s cousin’s husband Li Lei, this Li Lei’s father was the director of a bureau, Chen Baoqiang’s top boss!

Right next to Li Lei was Chen Ping’s cousin Chen Jiayao, dressed in all sorts of designer brands, with long nails and the look of a broad wife!

“Chen Ping, when did you meet a rich friend? You can live in a house at the top of Pan Long Mountain, and even lend it to you generously. I heard from your mother that she is also a woman, which family’s daughter?

After they were all seated, Chen Baoqiang asked in an official manner.