Phoenix Among Men Chapter 255

Hearing Chen Baoqiang say so, Chen Ping frowned slightly and his face instantly turned cold!

“Baoqiang, come over for a family meal, what’s the point of mentioning Chen Ping’s friend? People don’t see Chen straight!”

Chen Baoguo saw that Chen Ping’s face did not look too good and immediately spoke to Chen Baoqiang.

Although Chen Baoqiang did not see Chen Ping’s family, Chen Baoguo was after all the elder brother, and when Chen Baoguo spoke, Chen Baoqiang did not dare to refute it to his face!

“Big brother, what do you mean? What’s wrong with my family Chen Zhi? How about it is better than your Chen Ping, right? At least I’m not a reformer as far as Chen Zhi has not been in jail!”

Li Shuzhen was not happy when she saw Chen Baoguo talking about her own son.

Chen Baoqiang was embarra*sed to say that, but she, Li Shuzhen, was not afraid of anything!

“You …………”

Chen Baoguo’s face turned red with anger, but he was powerless to refute, after all, it was a fact that Chen Ping was in jail!

Seeing Chen Baoguo being angry like that, the corner of Chen Baoqiang’s mouth flashed a cold smile before he spoke, “Alright, stop arguing, serve the food, I have things to do this afternoon, I don’t have time to stay too long!”

“Baoqiang, take a look at what you like to eat and order a few at random!”

Tang Hongying handed the menu to Chen Baoqiang!

Chen Baoqiang didn’t even look at it and pointed to the menu, “Let’s take this page, I’ve heard that all the dishes in this restaurant taste good!”

When Tang Hongying heard that, her whole body froze instantly!

How much would it cost to order all the dishes on one page?

Besides, there were only a few people here, so it was not enough to eat!

Seeing Tang Hongying frozen, Chen Chia-Yao covered her mouth and smiled, “Auntie, can’t you afford it? If you can’t afford it, just tell me and I’ll pay for it!”

Tang Hongying’s face turned red and she didn’t say anything, if she really ordered food like this, she really couldn’t afford it.

“It’s just a few dishes, not much money!”

Chen Ping took the menu, told Tang Hongying to sit back down, and directly ordered the waiter to go and fry all the dishes on one page!

Seeing that Chen Ping had really asked the waiter to stir-fry a page of dishes, Chen Baoqiang’s family all laughed coldly!

“Let’s be clear, my sister said please, you guys didn’t let her, don’t ask us to help you if you can’t pay later, then we won’t care!”

Chen Zhi said as he glanced at Chen Ping.

“Don’t worry, if this meal is on me, I won’t let you guys pay for it!”

Chen Ping looked calm, as if he didn’t care about the deliberate targeting and taunting of Chen Baoqiang’s family!

For a while, the atmosphere inside the box was awkward as no one spoke, just waiting for the food to be served!

“Baoqiang, you just said at home, looking for an official job for Chen Ping, you see …………”

Tang Hongying spoke up to break the silence!

“Finding a job is easy, it’s not just a matter of my words, Chen Ping always working for someone is not a long term solution, I’ll find him an iron rice bowl, that’s a lifetime of food!” Chen Baoqiang said with a condescending face, “However, the matter of the old house at home, I also hope that big brother and sister-in-law will not compete with me, I plan to use that place to build a house, and when I retire, I will go to retire, anyway, you have asked for the house base, you also have no money to build a house!”

Tang Hongying looked at Chen Baoguo, who kept his head down and didn’t say anything, while Tang Hongying nodded and said, “If we can find a stable job for Chen Ping, we don’t want the old house at home!”

In Tang Hongying’s opinion, finding a civil servant’s iron rice bowl was much better than working for someone else, and it would also be dignified to say so, and if her husband had not been dismissed, Chen Ping’s job would not have required Chen Baoqiang to find it.

Seeing Tang Hongying agree, Chen Baoguo was overjoyed and smiled!

“Mom, I don’t want to be any civil servant, besides the old house at home, our family should share as much as we want!”

Chen Ping hurriedly stopped Tang Hongying and said.

Chen Ping knew that Chen Baoguo didn’t want the old mansion at all, but because the area was going to be developed, Chen Ping had seen a development report when he went to Ling Zhenchuan’s house.

“Chen Ping, that old mansion is in such a state of disrepair that it’s useless, just leave it alone and ask your second uncle to find you a stable job and just live well in the future!”

Tang Hongying glared at Chen Ping and told him to leave it alone!