Phoenix Among Men Chapter 261

Ling Zhenchuan’s words made Lin Tianhu and a few other people all snicker.

The Chen Baoqiang’s face was red and white, although his heart was not happy, but in front of Ling Zhenchuan, he did not dare to say anything!

“No, no, no ……” Li Weijian hurriedly waved his hand and pulled Li Lei over and said, “This is my son, Li Lei, this Chen Baoqiang is his father-in-law!”

Ling Zhenchuan immediately understood what was going on, his face eased slightly, but still coldly followed Li Weijian, “Old Li, so many people came together to make a toast, you are really afraid that the news of my dinner here will not get out, right?”

“Mayor Ling, I definitely don’t mean that, I’ll tell them to get lost right now!”

Li Weijian shivered in fear, before kicking Li Lei fiercely, “Get lost, get lost quickly, a bunch of stupid things!”

Li Lei was so scared that he turned his head and ran away, while the Chen Baoqiang family also shivered and hurriedly retreated!

This time, the family had lost their lives!

“Li Lei, what’s wrong with you? How come Mayor Ling doesn’t even know that we went to make a toast?”

After exiting, Chen Chia-Yao asked, glaring at Li Lei in a very dissatisfied manner.

“You still have the face to ask, it’s all your fault for having to follow, Mayor Ling was supposed to sneak over for dinner, so many people came to make a toast all of a sudden, could he not be angry? What do you think a bunch of you pussies are doing following!”

Li Lei was angry at the kick he received, and when Chen Jiayao shouted at him, Li Lei was not accustomed to her either!

Li Lei said this, including that Li Shuzhen, causing Li Shuzhen’s face to turn red and white.

“Alright, alright, stop arguing, isn’t it embarra*sing enough!”

Chen Baoqiang impatiently glared at the two people, “Let’s go, go back and wait for a while, maybe Secretary Li will say a few words to Mayor Ling and we’ll have another chance!”

“Yes, my father will definitely find another opportunity, let’s go back first!”

Li Lei nodded and said!

A few people went back sullenly with their gla*ses of wine in hand!

But just as they returned to the private room, they saw that Chen Ping had already packed all the dishes!

Chen Ping wasn’t surprised to see Chen Baoqiang’s family back!

“Chen Ping, what the hell, are you treating guests like this? You haven’t even finished the meal, the guests haven’t even left yet, and you’ve packed all the dishes, you’re not trying to skip the bill, are you!”

As soon as she entered and saw the scene in front of her, Li Shuzhen scolded Chen Ping, so as to vent out her depressed mood!

“I remember that when we left just now, someone said that they were going to accompany the mayor for a drink and wouldn’t come back, so they told us to go first, so you wouldn’t have forgotten in such a short while, would you?” Chen Ping looked at Li Shuzhen and said with a cold smile, “Or is it that the press people didn’t bother with you guys and kicked you out!”

“You fart, don’t say grapes are sour when you can’t eat grapes, we followed Mayor Ling to drink long ago and even clinked gla*ses with him, you jailed waste, didn’t you say you had dinner at Mayor Ling’s house? Why is it that when we asked Mayor Ling, he simply said he hadn’t?”

Chen Zhi pointed at Chen Ping and asked with a smug look on his face.

Those who didn’t know, really thought that he and the mayor had just had a drink.

Although he knew that Chen Zhi was talking nonsense, the fact that Chen Baoqiang’s family had chosen to remain silent was tacit approval of Chen Zhi’s bragging!

When Chen Ping heard Chen Zhi say this, he immediately knew that this guy was lying, not to mention that the wine they had served over there was still in the cups and not missing at all, so how did they drink it?

“Chen Zhi, you can’t even lie, not even a drop of wine was missing from the gla*s you were holding, how did you follow Mayor Ling to drink the wine? I think you are even worse than a waste!”

Chen Ping said with a disdainful laugh!