Phoenix Among Men Chapter 262

Chen Zhi was stunned and looked at his gla*s of wine, his face rubbed red, this feeling of being torn down and hit in the face on the spot was really not pleasant!

They felt that the wine was a limited edition Maotai, so no one had bothered to pour it out and took it back ready to continue drinking it, and now Chen Ping had caught the loophole!

“You …… you don’t care whether we toast or not, anyway we saw Mayor Ling, also better than you, I want to see you, how to settle the bill today, in Master Tiger’s restaurant dare to eat bully meal, will definitely peel off a layer of your skin, then I will see if you are still mad!”

When Chen Zheng finished speaking, he sat back down and paid no attention to Chen Ping!

“Who said I’m going to settle the bill, you guys have a share in this dish, I just don’t have the money to pay, I’ll see if you can walk away then!”

Chen Ping laughed and sat back down too!

When Chen Baoqiang’s family heard this, they all froze!

“Chen Ping, what do you mean? We agreed that today was your treat, are you trying to cheat?”

Chen Baoqiang asked with a frown.

“But I don’t want to treat now, so I’ll cheat, when the time comes, no one will leave without paying, I’m going to see if Lin Tianhu will peel off your skin as well!”

Chen Ping said with a roguish expression on his face!

Now that his parents were gone, Chen Ping didn’t need to give face to Chen Baoqiang’s family!

Although they were his own family, Chen Ping didn’t have a single bit of goodwill towards Chen Baoqiang’s family!

When Chen Ping said that, Chen Baoqiang’s family were all dumbfounded, they really couldn’t imagine that Chen Ping would cheat!

“Chen Ping, don’t f*ck with us, hurry up and give us the money!”

Chen Zhi panicked and rushed towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping looked at Chen Zhi who rushed over, his face was cold, this guy didn’t even call out “brother”, he just called out one word after another, Chen Ping had wanted to beat him up for a long time!

Chen straight rushed to the front of Chen Ping, Chen Ping slapped over, directly by that Chen straight smacked out, fell to the ground heavily!

“Son …………”

“Brother …………”

Seeing this, Chen Baoqiang’s family ran over, each one shrieking in fear!

Chen straight was helped up and his eyes were full of anger as he looked at Chen Ping, but at this moment he was even more afraid of Lin Tianhu, if Chen Ping didn’t pay, then Lin Tianhu would definitely not let them go.

“Dad, do you think if this trash Chen Ping doesn’t pay, then Master Tiger will let us go?”

Chen Zhi asked with a nervous look on his face as he turned to Chen Baoqiang.

“Don’t worry, your brother-in-law and Master Tiger have a friendship, since Master Tiger can send two bottles of such good wine to your brother-in-law, he won’t care about this one meal!”

Chen Baoqiang said, looking to Li Lei and said, “Xiao Lei, if that Chen Ping really doesn’t pay later, you can talk to Master Tiger and have Master Tiger skin him, but don’t look for trouble from us!”

“Ah …………”

Li Lei had an embarra*sed look on his face as he gave an ahhh and said nothing!

He didn’t know Lin Tianhu at all, how could he get him to give face, but Li Lei couldn’t say it, he could only tough it out now!

“Yeah, I forgot about that!”

Chen Zhi suddenly stopped panicking, rubbed his raw and painful face and looked at Chen Ping viciously, “Chen Ping, now you hear me, wait until later to see who gets skinned!”

Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to him, but poured himself a cup of tea and drank it!

At this time, outside the private room, Ling Zhenchuan and Lin Tianhu were in front, followed by several leaders from various departments, each with a puzzled face as they followed.

They couldn’t understand how this big shot could be eating in such an ordinary private room?

Could it be that he had come on a private visit?

Lin Tianhu took Ling Zhenchuan directly to the private room where Chen Ping was, and said to Ling Zhenchuan, “Mayor Ling, Mr. Chen is right inside!”

Ling Zhenchuan nodded and was about to open the door when Li Weijian quickly rushed over and opened the door for Ling Zhenchuan with a flattering face!