Phoenix Among Men Chapter 268

But the woman did not answer Chen Ping, but continued, “Child, in this world, there are many things you do not know, you must not be curious, and do not explore, because in the unknown, there are too many dangers, you have my bloodline in you, there must be something different from ordinary people, but you do not need to panic, just plainly be an ordinary person! ”

“Never set foot in the immortal cultivation world, and even more so, don’t go to the Locked Dragon Island, never go, mother will be relieved to see that you are still safe and alive, don’t try to find me, you won’t be able to find me at all either, remember mother’s words, don’t go to the Locked Dragon Island, never go …… ”

Slowly, the woman’s figure became more and more blurred, and in the end it simply disappeared.

“What the hell are you? What the hell is going on here?”

Chen Ping shouted up, but no one was responding to him!

Everything in the room was calm again, only the powder on the floor was telling Chen Ping that what had just happened was real!

“Locked Dragon Island, how come it’s Locked Dragon Island again, what the hell is going on here? …………”

Chen Ping personally fell into a daze, he didn’t understand why this woman who claimed to be his own mother was stopping himself from stepping into the immortal cultivation world? What about stopping himself from going to the Locked Dragon Island?

Instead, that old dragon head brought himself into the Immortal Cultivation Realm, but told himself about Locked Dragon Island, telling Chen Ping that he must go to Locked Dragon Island after his strength had multiplied.

One let go and the other desperately tried to stop him from going, Chen Ping was now dumbfounded!

After thinking hard for half a night, Chen Ping couldn’t even figure it out, there were many things he didn’t know, so it was impossible to figure them out!

“It’s better to improve my strength first and wait until after I go to Nameless Island on the 15th of July, maybe when I go to Nameless Island, I’ll know some of the things I want to know!”

Chen Ping sighed and simply stopped thinking about it and fell asleep with his head covered!


The Phoenix Bar!

Although it was already late at night, there were many luxury cars in front of the bar, and many handsome men and women were drinking and bouncing around inside the bar, playing with great style!

At a table in the corner of the bar, Xiao Lei had a dozen empty bottles of wine in front of him, he had been drinking here for a long time!

Although Chen Ping wouldn’t be looking for trouble with the Xiao family, Xiao Lei had been reduced to a complete laughing stock in this upper cla*s circle!

“Brother Lei, I knew you’d be here, stop drinking, you’ve had too much!”

At this moment, Geng Shanshan walked over in a revealing dress and went up to sit next to Xiao Lei!

Geng Shanshan knew that no matter how much she begged Chen Ping, Chen Ping would not be forgiving her and had made her lose face at the reunion, so she had to rely on Xiao Lei to stand up again.

Now she really has nothing to rely on but Xiao Lei, and her reputation is kind of stinking in this upper cla*s circle in Hongcheng!

“You …… why are you here, get out of my way ……”

Xiao Lei saw that it was Geng Shanshan, so scared that he hurriedly pushed Geng Shanshan away!

“Brother Lei, are you still afraid of that Chen Ping? You’ve already given him two companies, and he’s said it’s not good to be looking for trouble, so what are you still afraid of?”

Geng Shanshan questioned at Xiao Lei!

Geng Shanshan’s words caused many people around to instantly cast a playful gaze, each looking at Xiao Lei, this once unbeatable Xiao family’s grandson had now become like this and had given away companies to others!

Feeling the gazes of the people around, Xiao Lei’s face was furious: “You fart, what am I afraid of him, I’m not afraid at all, Laozi is not afraid of anyone ……”

Xiao Lei, who had drunk too much wine, had long since lost sight of what fear was at this time!

“Brother Lei, since you are not afraid, let’s continue to be together, okay? The wedding invitations were sent out and the wedding turned out not to be held, aren’t you afraid that you will become a laughing stock of others?”

Geng Shanshan stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Xiao Lei’s neck and said!