Phoenix Among Men Chapter 269

Geng Shanshan didn’t know that at this moment, Xiao Lei had long since become the laughing stock of the upper cla*s circle, otherwise he wouldn’t have been drinking alone!

“Laughing? Who the hell dares to laugh, even if I give away two companies, my Xiao family is still considered a first-cla*s family, who dares to laugh at me ……”

Xiao Lei slapped the table fiercely and roared loudly!

The people around him instantly cast contemptuous glances, but no one paid any attention to him!

Slap …………

At this moment, a man suddenly clapped his hands and walked over, looking at Xiao Lei with a cold smile on his face: “The titled young master of the Xiao family is scared to this state by a reformed prisoner, and he still dares to brag about it inside the bar?”

“Who the hell said that, I …………”

Xiao Lei was furious, but when he raised his eyes and saw the visitor, he froze, instantly waking up half of his wine and saying with a frightened look on his face, “Wei …… Wei Gongzi!”

The person who came was Wei Tao from the Wei family in the provincial city, and when he saw that Wei Tao had actually come to Hongcheng, many gentry and rich girls around him gathered around him!

They all want to take the opportunity to get to know Wei Tao, and there are even many girls throwing winks towards Wei Tao.

Even the most powerful families in Hongcheng were like ants in the eyes of the provincial gentry!

“Get lost!”

The two bodyguards who had followed Wei Tao directly drove some of the gentry and rich girls who had gathered around them to the side!

One had to know that these rich youngsters were more arrogant and domineering than the other, but when they were reprimanded like this by the Wei family bodyguards, none of them dared to speak and obediently walked away!

Geng Shanshan looked at the scene in front of her and was extremely shocked inside, she had always thought that by getting close to Xiao Lei, she was the pinnacle of her life, but now that she saw this scene, she realized that she was really a frog at the bottom of the well!

“Come out with me, I have something for you!”

Wei Tao finished after Xiao Lei and turned around to walk out.

But as he turned around, he deliberately shot two glances at Geng Shanshan beside Xiao Lei, and this time Geng Shanshan hastily raised her chest and head in an effort to perform in front of Wei Tao!

The corners of Wei Tao’s mouth lifted and he left directly, while Xiao Lei shook his body and was helped out of the bar by Geng Shanshan!

Wei Tao was sitting on top of a Rolls Royce waiting for them, and after rolling down the window, Wei Tao said to Xiao Lei, “Get in!”

Geng Shanshan helped Xiao Lei into the car, but he pushed him away: “Get out of the way!”

Geng Shanshan instantly put on a pitiful look and couldn’t help but glance at Wei Tao!

“Let her up!”

Wei Tao gave the word, where did Xiao Lei dare to say anything, and Geng Shanshan got into the car!

The car drove for more than half an hour before it stopped, on a road under construction!

The surrounding darkness, no street lights, looking a little scary!

“Wei …… Wei Gongzi, what do you want to see me about?”

Looking around in the dark, Xiao Lei had already woken up from his wine at this time!

“Everyone else go down!”

Wei Tao ordered the bodyguard to go down, and then looked at that Geng Shanshan!

Geng Shanshan also opened the car door and dawdled down!

At this moment, only Wei Tao and Xiao Lei were left in the car, and Xiao Lei’s forehead began to break out in cold sweat!

He didn’t feel that he had offended anyone from the Wei family, so he didn’t know what this Wei Tao wanted from him and brought him to such a place!

“That woman is your girlfriend?” Wei Tao asked.

“Yes, no, no, not ……”

Xiao Lei shook his head, “Not anymore!”

Looking at Xiao Lei like that, Wei Tao coldly snorted, “Goon, it’s because of that Chen Ping that you broke up, right? That woman is that Chen Ping’s ex-girlfriend.”

Xiao Lei froze for a moment, he didn’t know how this Wei Tao knew these things?