Phoenix Among Men Chapter 272

After news of Lin Tianhu’s status spread out, many business tycoons stepped in, after all, some wanted to take the opportunity to follow Lin Tianhu and make friends!

By noon, there were already dozens of people inside the hall, each worth more than $50 million, all talking to each other and discussing this time about Lin Tianhu’s Little Returning Pill!

“Master Tiger, a socialite, why is he still pouring out pills?”

“I heard that this pill can strengthen the body, prolong life, and most of all make men youthful, it sounds like a miracle pill!”

“Let’s see what we can say later, I don’t really believe it anyway, who can see if it works or not?”

“In my opinion, Master Tiger has been in a tight spot lately and wants to use the name of selling medicine to get people to pay for it!”

The crowd all whispered, but not many people believed it!

How could Lin Tianhu suddenly have a miracle pill in his hands when he wasn’t in the medicine business in the first place?

He could not force everyone to take money with a knife, that would be a robbery, now he said he had a miracle pill and sold it to the rich people at a high price, this was not illegal and he could also make money, and as for what the pill was, who would care, it might be a sugar pill!

Just as the crowd was talking, Chen Ping walked out, he had actually heard the crowd’s discussion long ago, now Chen Ping’s hearing, his eyesight had long been different from normal people!

“Mr. Chen …………”

After seeing Chen Ping, all of the merchants greeted him politely!

After all, at the banquet held by Gu Mantian, many people had seen what Chen Ping could do, he was someone who had even defeated Feng Sihai, and both Gu Mantian and Lin Tianhu treated him with respect!

Chen Ping nodded slightly as a greeting, and after going through the crowd, Chen Ping had an idea in his mind, almost all of these rich merchants had diseases, and all of them were male!

After all, like these tycoons, they all overindulge in sex after they have money, and now as they grow older, they will definitely develop problems.

“Someone is coming from the province!”

I don’t know who suddenly shouted, and everyone’s eyes were drawn over!

They all wanted to see what kind of people from the provincial capital had managed to get the news to come!

The door of the hall was pushed open, and a man and a woman walked in together!

This man and woman were none other than Wei Tao and Geng Shanshan, originally Wei Tao was asking Geng Shanshan to accompany him for a stroll, when he heard that Lin Tianhu was holding some kind of Little Returning Pill launch, he came over to see what all the fuss was about, he wanted to see what this Little Returning Pill was all about!

“Duke Wei, so it’s Duke Wei who’s here ……”

Seeing that Wei Tao had come, the crowd swarmed up and followed Wei Tao in greeting!

You know that in front of the Wei family in the provincial capital, these small families of their Hongcheng were really nothing to mention!

Wei Tao only nodded, with a cold look, he couldn’t even see the families of this small place in Hongcheng in his eyes.

But Geng Shanshan was different. Seeing so many bigwigs from powerful families coming over to greet her, Geng Shanshan’s whole body was about to float up, her back was straightened and her face carried a bit of condescension!

Chen Ping saw that Geng Shanshan had somehow managed to get close to another one, and after a bitter smile he was ready to leave!

He really wants to slap himself twice now, why didn’t he see Geng Shanshan’s character clearly when he was in college, fortunately the two of them didn’t get married, otherwise he would have been wearing a cuckold!

“Chen Ping ……”

But just as Chen Ping was about to turn around and leave, Geng Shanshan went and found him.