Phoenix Among Men Chapter 273

As soon as Wei Tao heard the word Chen Ping, his eyes lit up and he followed Geng Shanshan’s gaze!

Chen Ping stopped himself and looked coldly at Geng Shanshan!

Geng Shanshan, on the other hand, was carrying Wei Tao’s arm as she walked towards Chen Ping!

“Chen Ping, I really didn’t expect to run into you even here, I almost forgot, you’re also a multi-billionaire big shot!” Geng Shanshan looked at Chen Ping with a playful gaze, “Let me introduce you, this is Duke Wei, from the Wei family in the provincial city!”

Geng Shanshan deliberately bit the word provincial city with special emphasis, afraid that Chen Ping wouldn’t hear it!

“You are Chen Ping, I’ve heard a lot about you …………”

Wei Tao extended his hand towards Chen Ping, with hostility in his eyes!

Chen Ping didn’t know Wei Tao and didn’t understand why this guy was hostile towards himself, was it because of Geng Shanshan?

Chen Ping stretched out his hand and shook it after Wei Tao!

But just as Chen Ping was about to pull his hand out, he found that Wei Tao had a death grip on him and had no intention of letting go!

Immediately afterwards, a powerful force hit him, and Chen Ping’s hand began to deform!

Wei Tao’s mouth was tinged with a smile, he had been training in the army for many years, following other rich kids was not the same!

Wei Tao’s own strength was not low!

Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly, followed by a roll of spiritual energy in his dantian, a terrifying force emanated from Chen Ping’s hand, Wei Tao’s face instantly changed!

Wei Tao struggled hard, but he couldn’t break free, and cold sweat began to form on his forehead!

But in front of so many people, wouldn’t it be too humiliating if Wei Tao screamed out or begged for mercy!

“Sir Wei, I didn’t expect you to come, I’m really sorry to welcome you!”

Lin Tianhu came out at this moment and hurriedly greeted him!

Chen Ping took advantage of this and after a cold snort, he gave Wei Tao a contemptuous glance and cut him loose!

Wei Tao’s hand was trembling slightly and had long since lost its blood, after giving Chen Ping a furious look, Wei Tao ignored Lin Tianhu and turned his head and walked out!

“Mr. Chen, this is the son of the provincial Wei family, don’t mess with him if you can, don’t mess with him as much as possible, the provincial Wei family is not easy to mess with, besides, that Wei Kunan is notoriously protective of his calf, if he knows that his son has been wronged, he will definitely not give up in peace!”

Lin Tianhu whispered to Chen Ping and admonished him!

“It’s fine if he doesn’t provoke me, if he dares to provoke me, I don’t care if he’s from the Wei family!”

A stern aura flashed in Chen Ping’s eyes as he turned around and returned to the back of the room!

Ever since he met his own mother last night, Chen Ping had become a bit bloodthirsty, only he hadn’t noticed it yet!

It might also have something to do with his eagerness to improve his strength, all he wanted now was to get money and buy lots and lots of expensive herbs to help him cultivate!

“D*mn, this kid really has two tricks up his sleeve, no wonder that Xiao Lei is scared like this!”

Looking at his bloodless hand, Wei Tao gritted his teeth and said!

“Wei Gongzi, are you alright?” Geng Shanshan gently rubbed Wei Tao’s palm with worry: “This Chen Ping used to be a fool, and he doesn’t know any kung fu at all, but after three years in jail, he’s so powerful!”

Geng Shanshan was also wondering what exactly Chen Ping had gone through during these three years in prison!

“It seems that this kid didn’t suffer much in jail, or else he wouldn’t have been able to practice, but even if his kung fu is good, he won’t live long!”

A dense murderous look flashed across Wei Tao’s eyes!

“Sir Wei, what do you mean by that?”

Geng Shanshan asked in bewilderment.

What Wei Tao and Xiao Lei had discussed last night, Geng Shanshan didn’t even know!

Wei Tao glared at Geng Shanshan with cold eyes, “Don’t you know what you should ask and what you shouldn’t ask?”

“Sir Wei, I’m wrong!”

Geng Shanshan was startled and hurriedly apologised after Wei Tao.