Phoenix Among Men Chapter 274

The top floor lobby of the Tian Yuan Restaurant!

Lin Tianhu had put out all the small rejuvenating pills, each one was only the size of a thumb cap, and they were black and unattractive!

Let’s not talk about the potency of these small rejuvenating pills, but the way they look, they don’t look good!

“Gentlemen, thank you for coming, I, Lin Tianhu, am honoured, let me introduce you to this Small Returning Pill, this is …………”

“Master Tiger, don’t introduce it, just say how much it sells for, after all, we’re all quite busy, just name a price and we’ll pay it!”

A middle-aged man in his fifties, wearing a plaid suit, said.

Everyone looked towards the middle-aged man and couldn’t help but cast admiring glances!

Who would dare to follow Lin Tianhu’s words like this, knowing that Lin Tianhu was just enriching himself, but who would dare to explain.

However, after seeing that middle-aged man, Lin Tianhu did not get angry, but laughed and said, “Old Zhang, I have specially prepared one for you with this Small Returning Pill, you guy overindulged, how many years has it been since you have touched a woman?”

Lin Tianhu’s remark caused that old Zhang’s old face to blush.

Old Zhang and Lin Tianhu had a good personal relationship, that was why he dared to talk after Lin Tianhu like this, and Lin Tianhu also knew some of his faults.

He had seen many places and spent countless amounts of money, but the results were not satisfactory, and now Old Zhang had seen the light and had simply stopped treating his illness and put his heart into business!

But this kind of private illness, being exposed by Lin Tianhu in public, Old Zhang suddenly felt a bit embarra*sed!

“I don’t want to eat your little rejuvenating pills, they look black and not good, just say hello when you are short of money, why bother?”

Old Zhang didn’t have any appetite when he looked at the small rejuvenating pills

“Old Zhang, I don’t want any money for my Little Elixir, it’s all free for everyone today, since you don’t believe me, then I’ll let you try it first!”

Lin Tianhu smiled and walked towards Old Zhang!

“Master Tiger, don’t make a scene, I won’t eat it, this stuff can’t be eaten and kill people!”

Old Zhang was so scared that he backed up!

“I guarantee that if you eat it, you will definitely say it’s good, don’t worry!”

Lin Tianhu grabbed that old Zhang with one healthy step, directly pinched that old Zhang’s mouth and threw in the small rejuvenating pills!

“Blah blah blah …………”

Old Zhang spat desperately, but the Little Elixir melted in his mouth, it was gone!

Looking at Old Zhang’s appearance, the crowd burst into laughter.

But soon, old Zhang felt his body slowly start to get hot, followed by feeling a hot current swimming inside his body, not to mention how comfortable it was!

Immediately afterwards, Old Zhang’s bottom reacted, and with a face full of surprise, Old Zhang looked at the changes in his body and his whole body froze!

He hadn’t had any reaction for more than ten years and had tried everything, but it was useless!

The crowd also seemed to have noticed the change in Old Zhang’s body, one by one, they looked on in amazement!

“Master Tiger, do you …… have any girls here, hurry up and find me one!”

Old Zhang was full of excitement as he turned to Lin Tianhu and said.

“I am here is a regular restaurant, where there are those you say, if you want to settle, go home yourself!”

Lin Tianhu shook his head!

As soon as Old Zhang heard this, he hurriedly ran outside, turning back to Lin Tianhu as he ran, “Master Tiger, keep the small rejuvenating pills for me, I want as many as I can get, you name the price!”

Looking at Old Zhang’s change, someone finally started to feel a bit moved!

“Master Tiger, I’ll take one to try, I’ve been having back pain lately, maybe I’ve got rheumatism, I’ll try to see if it can cure it!”

Someone followed Lin Tianhu and took the initiative to ask for a Small Returning Pill to eat!

Lin Tianhu directly threw it over, it was a free gift anyway.

After that person took the Small Returning Pill, he also felt a hot current, followed by a warmth in his waist, and his back pain was gone at all!