Phoenix Among Men Chapter 275

“This …… is too amazing, my back doesn’t even hurt anymore!”

The man said in awe with wide eyes after he had taken the Little Returning Pill!

This immediately caused a small commotion, and many people followed Lin Tianhu to ask for Xiao Yang Dan to eat!

But there was also a part of the crowd that had a wait-and-see attitude, wanting to see how these people would react to eating them!

More than a dozen Little Redemption Pills were swept away in one go!

The dozen or so people who had eaten the Small Returning Pill were all filled with astonishment, because the effects of the Small Returning Pill could only be experienced first hand after eating it, there was no way to convey it in words!

“It’s simply too wonderful, it’s a miracle pill!”

“I’m going home too, I can’t control it!”

“Wonderful, it’s just wonderful ……”

The people who had taken the Little Elixir were all in awe, no one doubted the efficacy of the Little Elixir anymore!

“Master Tiger, do you have any more, I can pay for one!”

Someone asked to Lin Tianhu.

“Sorry, the Little Returning Pill is in limited supply, today these dozen or so are for free experience, but the following ones won’t be free, and to buy the Little Returning Pill, you still need to wait three days!”

Lin Tianhu knew the way of hunger marketing, so he said to the crowd.

“It’s okay to wait for three days, how much is one pill? I can order one in advance!”

Someone wanted to order in advance!

Lin Tianhu held out two fingers and said, “Two million a piece, not a penny less!”

“Two million?” Many people gasped!

Even if it’s a divine pill, two million a piece is not a low price!

“Master Tiger, I’m reserving twenty pills, put down a deposit right now ……”

A merchant who had just taken the Little Returning Pill said.

Businessmen, all have a keen sense of catching business opportunities, two million for one Xiao Yang Dan may seem very expensive, but only after eating it, will they realize that two million is nothing!

If there were so many rich merchants in the small city of Hongcheng, how many rich merchants would there be in the whole Jiangbei province and the whole Great Xia country?

If you could market Xiao Yang Dan to the whole country, not to mention two million, even if it was five million, it could be swept away for you!

“Sorry, at the moment, because the output of the Little Returning Pill is too low, each person can only order one!”

Although Lin Tianhu wasn’t in business, he could see what that guy was trying to do!

“I’ll order one!”

“I’ll order one too!”

Seeing this, the crowd started to order, which made Lin Tianhu inwardly happy!

But just as the crowd was ordering the buzz, the door to the hall was suddenly kicked open viciously!

There was a loud noise, causing everyone to freeze!

One must know that this was Lin Tianhu’s territory, who would dare to come here for trouble?

Soon, four men dressed in strong suits rushed in, before splitting into two rows and standing straight up!

Next, an old man in a Zhongshan suit with a white beard walked in with his hands behind his back, and beside the old man was the leader of the Red Dragon Gang, Feng Sihai!

When the crowd saw that it was Feng Sihai who had come, they immediately understood that this Feng Sihai was here to take revenge.

Lin Tianhu looked at the old man who walked in, his eyes faintly stared and his eyebrows tightly furrowed together!

“Irrelevant personnel, get out now!”

The old man walked into the hall and after sweeping a glance at the crowd, he spoke indifferently!

The old man’s voice was very soft and casual, but in the ears of the crowd, each one of them was frightened, as if a heavy hammer was fiercely hitting their hearts!

After the old man’s words, all the rich and powerful merchants who had come ran away without a trace!

In the large hall, Lin Tianhu was the only one facing these people!

“Lin Tianhu, this is my master Master Ye, where’s that Mr. Chen you guys are talking about?”

Feng Sihai asked to Lin Tianhu with a gloomy face.