Phoenix Among Men Chapter 276

Lin Tianhu’s eyes were slightly narrowed, even when facing this Master Ye, he was not afraid at all and said, “No need Mr. Chen, if you have anything to do, just come at me!”

Ever since he had taken the Power Gathering Pill, Lin Tianhu always wanted to find a chance to test his strength!

“Come at you? What are you, you dare to talk like that in front of my master, if I were to come at you, would there be any need for my master to step in, I could just get you killed!”

Feng Sihai had a disdainful face, in his eyes, Lin Tianhu was his underling!

“Chen Ping, all this time, you have bullied my Red Dragon Gang into having no one, now that our gang master has returned, you will suffer death!”

Liao Feixiong also glared at Chen Ping, all this time of holding back had long made Liao Feixiong unable to hold back!

Looking at Liao Feixiong, Chen Ping only smiled coldly and did not say anything.

“Your gang leader is nothing, the past is different from today, today I will make you all kneel down and beg for mercy!”

Lin Tianhu shouted angrily and slammed his fist towards Feng Sihai!

He had always been oppressed by Feng Sihai, Lin Tianhu had a lot of anger in his stomach, but now that he had taken the power pills, Lin Tianhu’s strength had soared and he no longer had to fear Feng Sihai!

“Humph, a defeated underling still dares to run wild!”

Feng Sihai snorted coldly, followed by his legs slightly apart, not dodging or evading, intending to use hard qigong to resist Lin Tianhu’s punch!

Lin Tianhu’s strength, Feng Sihai knew it very well, so he didn’t care at all!

Boom …………

Lin Tianhu’s fist smashed into Feng Sihai’s abdomen fiercely!

A force like a mountain overturning the sea, rushing directly towards Feng Sihai!

Feng Sihai’s body, like a lone boat, was tipped over by a huge wave, and flew straight out!

Poof …………

In mid-air, Feng Sihai spurted out a mouthful of blood before falling heavily to the ground!

Feng Sihai’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief, he couldn’t believe that in just a few days, Lin Tianhu’s strength would grow so fast!

At this moment, when that Ye Fengchun saw Feng Sihai being sent flying with a punch, he also frowned slightly, killing intent flashing in his eyes!

“Hahahaha …… hahahaha …………”

Lin Tianhu looked at his fist and laughed wildly, “Feng Sihai, now you know how powerful I am, any of you who are not convinced, you can come up and try!”

“Humph, big talk!” Ye Fengchun snorted angrily, “Ah Cheng, teach him a lesson!”

“Yes, sir!” A young man dressed in a strong suit, around thirty, stepped forward!

Lin Tianhu took one look at the young man and his eyes were even more filled with disdain, “Feng Sihai is no good, letting a youngster come to die, I’ll show you that in front of absolute power, your hard qi kung fu is a joke!”

Lin Tianhu was arrogant to the extreme at this moment, one punch that sent Feng Sihai flying had given him unlimited confidence!

And at this moment, Chen Ping, who had been observing the situation from behind, shook his head faintly!

“Lin Tianhu, you’re no match for that man, back off!”

Chen Ping stepped out from behind!

“Master, that’s him, that’s him …………”

When he saw Chen Ping come out, Feng Sihai’s eyes instantly opened round and, holding back the severe pain, he followed Ye Fengchun.

After seeing Chen Ping, Ye Fengchun frowned slightly, “So young?”

In Ye Fengchun’s eyes, someone who could be made a sir by Lin Tianhu and the others, and who had extremely high martial attainments, should be someone of a similar age to him, who had been immersed in martial arts for many years, he did not expect Chen Ping to be so young!

A trace of disappointment flashed across Ye Fengchun’s eyes, he still wanted to properly follow this Mr. Chen and spar, seeing as it would be of no use!

Feng Sihai could see the disappointment in Ye Fengchun’s eyes and hurriedly explained, “Master, don’t look at the young age of this guy, but he is exceptionally strong!”

“Shut up!” Ye Fengchun gave Feng Sihai a fierce glare, “I think it’s not that they are strong, but that you are slack in your practice and have regressed in strength.

Ye Fengchun didn’t believe that a young man in his early twenties could be so strong, it must be Feng Sihai who had regressed in strength, or else he would have been knocked away by Lin Tianhu with one punch!