Phoenix Among Men Chapter 277

Feng Sihai didn’t dare to speak anymore, he had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to worship under Ye Fengchun’s disciple, but he was still just an outside disciple, he was said to have been expelled, he was not as good as these four young men in front of him, these four men were at the very least Ye Fengchun’s closed disciples!

“Mr. Chen, I even knocked Feng Sihai away with one punch, how can I still not be a match for this guy?”

Lin Tianhu didn’t believe that he couldn’t beat this young man in front of him!

“If you don’t believe me, you can always try!” Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

It might not be a good thing to make Lin Tianhu suffer a little, otherwise this Lin Tianhu would really think he was invincible after taking the Power Gathering Pill, and sooner or later he would suffer a big loss!

“Good, Mr. Chen, just watch!”

After Lin Tianhu finished speaking, he rushed up with a whoosh and smashed his fist towards that Ah Cheng!

Lin Tianhu’s punch was so powerful that it had the force of a thousand pounds!

If he hit him, he would have turned him into a meat cake!

But in an instant, Ah Cheng dodged Lin Tianhu’s blow and appeared on his side!

Lin Tianhu’s face changed and he turned around and struck again with his fist!

Ah Cheng sneered and raised his foot and kicked out, hitting Lin Tianhu directly in the abdomen!

Lin Tianhu was hit hard, and his body involuntarily retreated backwards, with a look of shock in his eyes!

As Lin Tianhu was backing up, Shing bullying his way to the top and slamming his fist into Lin Tianhu’s temple!

Lin Tianhu’s body was retreating uncontrollably, and when he saw Cheng attacking, he tried to block, but it was too late!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s face was cold and killing intent flashed in his eyes!

The other party wanted Lin Tianhu’s life, even in front of him, how could he agree to that?

Whoosh …………

The first time I saw Chen Ping’s finger, a button on Chen Ping’s clothes was like a bullet, and it shot towards Ah Cheng!

Hearing the sound of breaking air in his ears, Ah Cheng’s heart shook and he hurriedly dodged backwards, dodging the attack but also allowing Lin Tianhu to escape from his attack range!

“Kid, you dare to sneak attack with a secret arrow ……”

Ah Cheng was furious and rushed towards Chen Ping with a single healthy step!


Chen Ping’s eyes flashed with murderous energy, and his fist smashed into the small of Ah Cheng’s stomach!

Boom …………

After a muffled sound, Ah Cheng only felt a sharp pain coming from his abdomen, followed by a sweet throat, a mouthful of blood gushed out, and the blood was surprisingly mixed with a large number of internal organs broken pieces!

Ah Cheng’s eyes were filled with panic, and he fought to point at Chen Ping, wanting to say something, but the blood that filled his mouth prevented him from saying a single word.

Poof …………

Ah Cheng’s body collapsed and his eyes instantly lost their luster!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lin Tianhu couldn’t help but gulp, standing behind Chen Ping with a wretched look, the arrogant look he had just had was long gone!

“Ah Cheng …………”

Seeing his disciple dead, Ye Fengchun immediately rushed up in grief and anger.

“You dare to kill my disciple, I will cut you into pieces ……”

Ye Fengchun looked at Chen Ping with a murderous aura and gritted his teeth.

“Are you only allowing your disciples to kill my people, but not allowing me to kill your disciples? It is better not to be too domineering!”

Chen Ping laughed coldly, unconcerned by Ye Fengchun’s threat!

“Kid, at a young age, you can train to the peak of internal energy, you should also have the qualification to be wild, but the sky is wild, there will be rain, and people are wild, there will be trouble, you should know that there is a sky outside, there are people outside, see you are also a martial arts training wizard, if you can join my discipline, today you kill my disciple, I will …… ……”

“Bah, what are you? Let me put under your discipline, you are also worthy?”

Not waiting for Ye Fengchun to finish, Chen Ping pooh-poohed with a disdainful face!