Phoenix Among Men Chapter 282

Lin Tianhu didn’t dare to ask too many questions, so he immediately mobilized the entire Gathering of Righteousness Hall and the recently integrated Red Dragon Gang, a total of thousands of people, to scatter throughout Hongcheng and start looking for Su Yuqi!

Chen Ping quickly arrived at the Su family villa, Su Wen Zong was anxiously walking around the courtyard, when he saw Chen Ping coming, he immediately greeted him!

“Uncle, don’t be anxious yet, I’ve asked Lin Tianhu to scatter everyone out, there should be news soon!”

Chen Ping comforted Su Wenzong, “Maybe she went out to play and forgot her phone in the car!”

Su Wenzong could only comfort himself with this, but the bad feeling inside was getting stronger and stronger!

Soon, Lin Tianhu called and told Chen Ping that the car had been found, on Phoenix Road, but there was no one there, and there was no surveillance around, Lin Tianhu had asked around and said that he saw someone taking Su Yuqi away!

Boom …………

The bloodthirsty murderous aura of his body instantly rushed out, at this moment Chen Ping was like a god of killing, his eyes became scarlet!

“Chen …… Chen Ping, did something happen to Yu Qi?”

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Su Wenzong’s heart thudded!

“Uncle, when Yu Qi went out, did anyone at home see her?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Su Wenzong.

“Yes, one of the subordinates said that after Yu Qi answered a phone call, she left in a huff!”

Su Wenzong replied!

“Uncle, you should rest at home, I will get Yu Qi back!”

Chen Ping finished speaking and turned around and walked out of the Su family villa!

At this time Lin Tianhu also happened to arrive, Chen Ping got straight into Lin Tianhu’s car and went straight to the business office, Chen Ping had to find out who Su Yuqi’s last call was from, this call and Su Yuqi’s disappearance must have something to do with it!

Relying on Lin Tianhu’s reputation, he soon found out the last phone number that called Su Yuqi, looking at that familiar number, Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with killing intent!

“Hall Master, whose number does this belong to?”

Lin Tianhu asked.

“Go to Geng Shanshan’s house!” Chen Ping finished his sentence and leaned on the pa*senger side and closed his eyes slightly!

Lin Tianhu now also understood and cursed angrily, “This b*tch, she still dares to die!”

With a kick of the accelerator, the car sped off towards Geng Shanshan’s house!

Geng Shanshan had humiliated Chen Ping again and again, but Chen Ping had not killed her, but he did not want this guy to advance an inch!

Soon, they arrived at Geng Shanshan’s house, and Lin Tianhu followed Chen Ping out of the car and rang the doorbell!

“Who is it!”

Geng Shanshan’s mother, Jia Mei, came out in a cheongsam!

Opening the door to find it was Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu, Jia Mei was just stunned: “Chen Ping, you …… what are you doing in my house?”

“Where is Geng Shanshan, tell her to come out!”

Chen Ping asked with a grim face.

“She …… is not at home? What do you want to do?” Jia Mei Mei’s eyes were dodging, clearly lying!

“D*mn it, get that stinking b*tch to come out!”

Lin Tianhu stepped forward and grabbed Jia Mei by the collar, directly picking her up!

This scared the sh*t out of Jia Mei!

“Stop it, let go of my mother!”

At this moment, Geng Shanshan rushed out from inside the room, “Chen Ping, don’t think that just because you know Lin Tianhu, you’re something, I’m now one of Prince Wei’s people, do you dare to offend the Wei family in the provincial capital?”

Geng Shanshan asked at Chen Ping with a condescending look on her face.


Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Ping stepped forward and slapped Geng Shanshan fiercely on the face, Geng Shanshan was immediately dazed and lost several of her teeth!

“Chen Ping, you dare to hit my daughter, I’ll fight you!”

Jia Mei shouted desperately when she saw Geng Shanshan being beaten!

Lin Tianhu smashed his fist into Jia Mei’s face, knocking Jia Mei’s mouth so full of blood that she couldn’t say a word!