Phoenix Among Men Chapter 283

Chen Ping stepped forward and grabbed Geng Shanshan’s hair with a murderous look on his face and said, “Where is Yu Qi?”

Geng Shanshan stared at Chen Ping with a deadly glare, her eyes full of anger as she said, “Chen Ping, if you dare to hit me, Duke Wei will not let you go!”




Chen Ping slapped Geng Shanshan’s face instantly turned into a pig’s head, and there were not many teeth left in her mouth!

“I’ll ask again, where is Yu Qi?”

At this moment, Geng Shanshan looked at Chen Ping’s murderous gaze and finally got a little goose: “I …… don’t know , how would I know where Su Yuqi is?”

Chen Ping frowned, he didn’t expect this Geng Shanshan to be so tough-mouthed!

“Lin Tianhu, give me a fight!”

Chen Ping let go of Geng Shanshan and ordered directly to Lin Tianhu!

Lin Tianhu nodded and stepped forward and kicked Geng Shanshan to the ground, followed by a flurry of punches and kicks that deformed Geng Shanshan’s face!

“I said, I said …………”

Geng Shanshan was beaten to death, her body was covered in bruises, her arms and legs were all broken!

Chen Ping slowly squatted down and looked at the bruised Geng Shanshan, without a trace of pity in his eyes!

“I only know that Su Yuqi was taken away by Xiao Lei, I was the one who called to lure Su Yuqi out, and the person behind the instruction was Wei Tao, but I really don’t know where they took Su Yuqi!”

Geng Shanshan spoke breathlessly, with fear in her eyes!

Because she realized that if she didn’t say anything, Chen Ping would really beat her to death!

Chen Ping’s brows were furrowed together, Su Yuqi had been taken away by Xiao Lei and that Wei Tao, the fate could be imagined, Chen Ping didn’t dare to think about it anymore!

“Xiao Lei, I’ll spare your life, but you yourself are seeking your own death!”

Chen Ping’s body was covered with a murderous aura, even that Geng Shanshan could feel the murderous aura on Chen Ping’s body and trembled!

“Mr. Chen, what’s next?”

Lin Tianhu asked.

“Send people to surround the Xiao family, not a single person from the Xiao family will be allowed to escape!”

Chen Ping said coldly, that eerie cold killing aura on his body climbing up!

“Understood!” Lin Tianhu nodded and immediately called to send people to surround the Xiao family!

“If Yu Qi is alright, then so be it, otherwise I will have all of you buried with me!”

Chen Ping, after dropping a fierce sentence, got into his car and left, heading straight for the Xiao family!


Inside an abandoned factory building on the outskirts of Hongcheng!

Wei Tao was sitting on a chair with a cigarette in his mouth, admiring the sleeping Su Yuqi!

“Beautiful, it’s so beautiful ……”

Wei Tao had a lustful look on his face!

“Sir Wei, should we inform that Chen Ping to come over?”

Xiao Lei was a bit impatient, he wanted to kill Chen Ping the sooner the better, so as to avoid a long night!

“Get out, I’ll tell you when to inform that Chen Ping!”

Wei Tao gave Xiao Lei a cold look, Xiao Lei was so scared that he hurriedly retreated!

Soon, Su Yuqi woke up, and when she saw that she was tied up in fives, her face was filled with panic and terror!

“Yuqi, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, I just came over to have a good chat with you!”

Seeing that Su Yuqi had woken up, Wei Tao hurriedly said.

“Wei Tao?” Su Yuqi was full of surprise, “You …… what did you capture me for?”

“No, you misunderstood, it was that Xiao Lei who brought you here, I came over to save you.”

Wei Tao said, stepping forward and untying Su Yuqi’s rope!

Seeing Wei Tao untie herself, Su Yuqi’s hanging heart relaxed quite a bit, and her face became a bit better!

“What the hell is going on here?” Su Yuqi asked as she moved her wrists.

“That Xiao Lei is still ruthless about that Chen Ping, so he captured you and wanted to lure that Chen Ping over and kill him!”

Wei Tao explained.

When Su Yuqi heard this, she immediately panicked, “Wei Tao, give me the phone, I need to call Chen Ping, I can’t let him fall for it!”

Wei Tao looked at Su Yuqi’s nervous look and a hint of jealousy flashed in his eyes, “A labour prisoner is just a labour prisoner, do you care that much?”