Phoenix Among Men Chapter 285

“Master Tiger, I’m really not lying, I really can’t contact my son, I swear ……” Xiao Yan was so scared that his face turned white and his body shook even more!

“Lin Tianhu, let him go!”

Chen Ping could see that this Xiao Yan was indeed not lying!

Lin Tianhu let go of Xiao Yan, which caused Xiao Yan to heavily breathe a sigh of relief before cautiously asking, “Mr. Chen, Master Tiger, I wonder what my rebellious son has done to offend the two of you again?”

“Humph, that Xiao Lei has not only offended us, he has even offended the Su family, he has kidnapped Miss Su ……”

Lin Tianhu snorted coldly!

Boom …………

Xiao Yan’s entire body almost did not fall down when he heard this!

“This …… rebellious son has that much guts to kidnap Miss Su?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with horror, who did not know what relationship Su Yuqi had with Chen Ping? In addition, the Su family was the richest in Hongcheng, don’t look at the fact that usually the two families had some conflicts, no one would take any real action, but if this kidnapped Su Wenzong’s daughter, then wouldn’t the Su family still throw everything they had at the Xiao family and just beat them down?

“Someone has already confessed, it was Xiao Lei who did it, this matter cannot be wrong ……”

Lin Tianhu said with a grim face.

“Rebel son, rebel son ah ……” Xiao Yan pounded his feet on his chest and roared at the Xiao family members, “All of you go and contact this rebel son, tell him to get his a*s back here, I will definitely break his legs!”

The Xiao family members all went to contact Xiao Lei, while at that moment Chen Ping’s mobile phone did ring.

After picking up, Xiao Lei’s smug and arrogant voice came out, “Chen Ping, now Su Yuqi is in my hands, if you want her to be alright, come to this abandoned factory in the western suburbs of Hongcheng alone, remember, you can only come alone, otherwise I can’t guarantee Su Yuqi’s safety!”

“Good, if you dare to touch a hair on Yuqi’s head, I’ll have everyone in your Xiao family buried with you!”

Chen Ping’s face was gloomy, and the cold and bone-chilling murderous aura on his body instantly filled the entire Xiao Clan!

Feeling the murderous aura on Chen Ping’s body, Xiao Yan’s body trembled and he cursed loudly and angrily at Xiao Lei, “b*****d, hurry up and release Miss Su and come back to thank him yourself!”

Xiao Lei was stunned, but said viciously, “Dad, leave this matter alone, Chen Ping, he does not dare to do anything to the Xiao family, we have a backer behind us now!”

After hearing this, Chen Ping revealed a cold smile, “The backer you are talking about, isn’t it the Wei family in the provincial capital? Even if the King of Heaven comes today, no one can save you!”

“Chen Ping, you don’t need to talk big, I’m telling you, if you dare to disrespect my family, I’ll play Su Yuqi first and then send out all the photos, I’ll see if you’re still mad!”

Xiao Lei didn’t care about Chen Ping’s threats, he could only throw his weight around now and cling to the Wei family’s thighs to death.

“How dare you!” Chen Ping clenched his teeth to death as two words popped out of his mouth, and a blood red colour began to fill his eyes!

“Hahahaha, you see if I dare, now Su Yuqi is in my hands, I can do whatever I want, you beg me, if you beg me now, I can wait for you to save her!”

Xiao Lei laughed loudly, his tone arrogant to the extreme.

Chen Ping gritted his teeth, and only after a moment did he then speak, “Please, please don’t touch Yu Qi!”

“Hahahaha, that’s right, hurry up and come, I don’t have much patience!”

After saying that, Xiao Lei hung up the phone.

Chen Ping’s murderous aura rose to the extreme as he turned to Lin Tianhu and said, “Watch out, no one is allowed to leave alone!”

“Mr. Chen, shall I go with you?”

Lin Tianhu worried!

Although he knew that Chen Ping was very strong, the other party had obviously come prepared and was waiting for Chen Ping’s in advance, so this trip would definitely be dangerous!

“Don’t worry, just these jumping clowns, I haven’t put them in my eyes!”

Chen Ping said, and directly turned around and left!

Xiao Yan looked at Chen Ping’s back and sat down on the ground with a poof, he knew that his son was definitely finished.

“Master ……”

The subordinates hurriedly went forward to support Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan, however, waved his hand, “Go, go and prepare the young master’s afterlife!”