Phoenix Among Men Chapter 286

The entrance to the abandoned factory on the western outskirts of Hongcheng!

A white SUV was parked there and Chen Ping walked down with a murderous aura!


Seeing that Chen Ping had indeed come alone, Xiao Lei was both excited and nervous, before turning to Wei Tao and saying, “Sir Wei, this Chen Ping is really quite strong, can you be sure that these two bodyguards can beat this Chen Ping?”

As soon as the two Wei family bodyguards heard this, one of their faces went cold and one of them smashed towards a huge concrete block!

With a crash …………

The cement block shattered into countless broken pieces in response to the sound, and the steel bars inside were exposed!

Xiao Lei was stunned when he saw this!

Looking at Xiao Lei’s shocked look, Wei Tao’s face was full of disdain and said, “These two are both experts at the peak of internal energy, it’s easy to kill a cow with one punch, do you think they can kill a person?”

“Can, can …………” Xiao Lei nodded his head desperately!

“Even if the two of them can’t deal with that Chen Ping, isn’t there still me here!”

Wei Tao said, pulling out a blackened pistol from inside his coat pocket.

Click it …………

Wei Tao loaded the bullet in front of Xiao Lei and said with a faint smile, “Even if that Chen Ping is more powerful, can he still dodge the bullet?”

“Hahahaha, that Chen Ping is dead today, no one can save him!”

Xiao Lei was relieved to see the gun in Wei Tao’s hand, as the saying goes, even the highest kung fu is afraid of a chopper, let alone the gun in Wei Tao’s hand!

Su Yuqi heard the conversation between the two men inside, and after she knew that Wei Tao had a gun in his hand, she became very anxious inside, she couldn’t let Chen Ping risk his life for herself, and she couldn’t watch Chen Ping die, but she was now locked inside the house, there was no way to tell Chen Ping!

At this moment, looking at the abandoned factory in front of him, Chen Ping stepped inside, a trace of spiritual energy emanated from Chen Ping’s body, and he was instantly able to sense objects within ten metres!

When Chen Ping walked inside the factory building, he saw two cold-faced bodyguards standing to his left and right, the two men were stocky and could be seen to be practitioners at a glance!

And Xiao Lei was sitting on a chair, crossing his legs, looking at Chen Ping with a sneer, his eyes full of disdain and playfulness!

At this moment, he was looking at Chen Ping as if he was looking at a dead man!

“Chen Ping, I didn’t expect you to really dare to come yourself, I admire you for being a man!”

Xiao Lei said as he got up.

“Cut the crap, where’s Yu Qi?”

Chen Ping said with an indifferent face!

“Chen Ping, I am here, you go, go, they have guns in their hands …………”

Su Yuqi heard Chen Ping’s voice and was desperately banging on the door inside the room!

“Yu Qi ……”

Chen Ping frowned and ran towards the room!

As soon as Chen Ping moved, the two bodyguards instantly stopped Chen Ping and took up a stance to strike!

At that moment, the door to the room was opened and Wei Tao, gun in hand, pushed Su Yuqi out!

Su Yuqi’s hair was unkempt and there was a stain on her face, so she looked very messy.

After seeing Chen Ping, Su Yuqi desperately shouted, “Chen Ping, leave me alone, they don’t dare to kill me, you go, go ……”

“Shut the hell up!” Wei Tao was furious and gave Su Yuqi a vicious slap!

Boom …………

As Chen Ping looked on, the rampant killing Qi from his body instantly swept towards that Wei Tao!

Feeling the murderous aura on Chen Ping’s body, Wei Tao’s body trembled and he put the muzzle of the gun in his hand against Su Yuqi’s head!

“If you dare to move, I’ll shoot her dead ……”

Wei Tao looked at Chen Ping with fear in his eyes!

“Chen Ping, you’ve come today, don’t think you can leave, this is your grave, do you think you’re great just because you know Lin Tianhu and know Gu Wentian? You still dare to play the bully in front of me, now none of them can save you!”

Xiao Lei’s heart was filled with anger when he remembered how he had bowed down in front of Chen Ping, he took two steps and walked in front of Chen Ping and slapped towards him!