Phoenix Among Men Chapter 287

Chen Ping reached out and grabbed Xiao Lei’s wrist, “I can play in front of you and test not others, but myself!”

Ka-ching …………

Xiao Lei’s other arm was also crushed by Chen Ping!

“Ahh …………”

The intense pain caused Xiao Lei to scream miserably, his screams echoing through the abandoned factory building!

Boom …………

Immediately afterwards, Chen Ping gave a vicious kick to the small of that Xiao Lei’s abdomen!

Poof …………

Xiao Lei’s mouthful of blood gushed out, his body directly flew backwards and then curled up like a shrimp!

“You …………”

Xiao Lei glared at Chen Ping with eyes full of rage!

“I gave you a chance, but you yourself don’t know how to grasp it …………”

Chen Ping walked towards Xiao Lei with a grim face!

“Kill him, kill him ……”

Xiao Lei looked at Chen Ping with that look and began to fear inside.

The two bodyguards looked at Wei Tao, now they only listened to Wei Tao’s words.

Wei Tao gave a nod, “Kill him ……”

The two bodyguards looked at each other and rushed straight towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s steps did not stop, just as the two bodyguards rushed in front of him, Chen Ping lashed out and directly jammed the throats of the two bodyguards!

The two stocky bodyguards were actually picked up by Chen Ping directly by the neck.

“Uh …………”

The two bodyguards’ faces turned red as the feeling of suffocation made them struggle desperately!

Click, click …………

Two bone cracking sounds rang out, the bodyguards who were struggling desperately had their heads tilted and were all lifeless!


As soon as Chen Ping let go, the bodies of the two bodyguards fell heavily to the ground, stirring up a burst of dust!

This time, Xiao Lei and Wei Tao were both dumbfounded!

Two bodyguards at the peak of their internal energy had failed to survive a single move by Chen Ping’s hands?

Wei Tao’s hands began to tremble, his heart filled with fear, even though he was holding a gun in his hand, it did not give him the slightest sense of security!

That Xiao Lei even endured the severe pain and crawled to Wei Tao’s feet, his voice trembling, “Wei Gongzi, shoot, shoot to kill him ……”

Only then did Wei Tao react and raised his hand to shoot towards Chen Ping!

“Chen Ping be careful!”

Su Yuqi shouted, opening her mouth and biting Wei Tao on the arm!

“Ah …………”

Wei Tao yelled out in pain and pushed Su Yuqi away!

“Chen Ping …………”

Su Yuqi ran towards Chen Ping!

Wei Tao’s face was full of fierceness as he lifted the pistol in his hand and shot straight towards Su Yuqi!

Bang …………

The gunshot rang out, Chen Ping’s eyes stared, his body instantly flashed in front of Su Yuqi, protecting Su Yuqi to death behind himself!

Whoosh …………

The bullet grazed Chen Ping’s head and Su Yuqi behind him could hear the biting sound of the bullet speeding past!

Seeing that one shot had missed, Wei Tao gritted his teeth and fired two more shots in quick succession!

Bang Bang …………

After the two gunshots, Wei Tao was surprised to find that Chen Ping was still looking at him coldly, approaching towards them step by step, with no sign of being shot at all!

“Paralyzed, what a piece of sh*t gun …………”

Wei Tao cursed angrily, once again grabbing the pistol with both hands in a death grip to steady himself, and aimed another shot at Chen Ping!

The bullet missed again, still missing Chen Ping.

This time, Wei Tao panicked, it was like the bullet had eyes, it wasn’t heading towards Chen Ping at all!

When Wei Tao pulled the trigger again, the pistol made a clicking sound and there were no more bullets!

Wei Tao looked at Chen Ping in horror and threw the gun in his hand towards Chen Ping before turning around and running!

“Wei Gongzi, save me, save me …………”

Xiao Lei fell to the ground at this time, the intense pain made him unable to get up at all, he clung to Wei Tao’s leg for dear life, hoping Wei Tao would take him away.

Where would Wei Tao care about Xiao Lei, furious, he kicked Xiao Lei fiercely, “Paralyzed, let go of me, let go ……”