Phoenix Among Men Chapter 288

Xiao Lei didn’t let go at all, he knew that if Wei Tao ran away, he would definitely die!

At this moment, Chen Ping had already walked up to him and grabbed Wei Tao’s collar!

“What …… are you going to do? I’m a member of the Wei family, if you dare to touch me, my father won’t let you off ……”

Wei Tao was trembling and threatening Chen Ping!


Chen Ping flung a fierce slap on Wei Tao’s face, causing that Wei Tao to spin directly in place several times, his teeth falling out of his mouth!

“This slap is for Yu Qi to pay you back!”

Chen Ping finished and smashed his fist on Wei Tao’s stomach, causing Wei Tao to let out a pig-killing scream and fall to the ground with his body hunched over!

At this moment, Wei Tao and Xiao Lei were like a pair of shrimps, both hunched over, showing painful expressions!

Looking at the two people on the ground, Chen Ping stepped on Xiao Lei’s head with one foot.

“Chen Ping …… I am wrong, please spare me, spare me ……,” Xiao Lei P*ssed his trousers in fear: “I promise never to look for trouble with you again, I can give you all the Xiao family properties, as long as you spare my life!”

Xiao Lei followed Chen Ping and begged bitterly!

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it …………”

Chen Ping looked at Xiao Lei coldly as his foot slammed down!

Poof …………

Xiao Lei’s head was like a ripe watermelon, exploding directly under Chen Ping’s foot, spurting blood mixed with brain matter, directly spraying all over Wei Tao who was not far away!

“Ah …………”

Wei Tao was stunned, he had never seen such a bloody scene before, a living human being had his head blown off in front of him!

At this moment, Su Yuqi behind Chen Ping was also terrified, her hands covered her mouth, trying hard not to make a sound, this was the first time she had seen Chen Ping kill someone, and kill someone so cruelly, but Su Yuqi knew that everything Chen Ping did was for her, and the heavier the killing aura on Chen Ping now, the more weight she had in Chen Ping’s heart.

Chen Ping lifted his blood-soaked foot and stepped on Wei Tao’s head, feeling the sickening smell of blood, Wei Tao panicked and his trousers unconsciously wet, desperately following Chen Ping and begging for mercy, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I can give you anything you want, anything …… ……”

“I want your life!” Chen Ping’s voice sounded like it came from the abyss of hell, scaring the sh*t out of Wei Tao!

“Chen Ping ……”

Su Yuqi stepped forward and pulled Chen Ping away, “You can’t kill him, don’t be impulsive ……”

Su Yuqi knew that if Xiao Lei was killed, he would be killed, relying on the strength of the Su family and Gu Wentian, these people would be able to set things right, but Wei Tao was different, he was a member of the provincial Wei family, if Wei Tao was killed, not to mention these people, even if Ling Zhenchuan stepped in, I’m afraid that the Wei family would not be willing to give up.

“Yuqi, I’m sorry for making you suffer …………”

Chen Ping looked at the five clear fingerprints on Su Yuqi’s reddened face and slowly stroked them!

“I’m fine, let’s go back, don’t let dad worry too much.”

Feeling the warmth on Chen Ping’s hand, Su Yuqi’s heart warmed up.

Chen Ping nodded and looked back at that Wei Tao, scaring that Wei Tao to look Chen Ping straight in the eyes!

“Deadly sins can be forgiven, but living sins are hard to escape …………”

After Chen Ping finished, he stepped on Wei Tao’s leg, directly crushing Wei Tao’s calf bone to the point where it would be impossible to put it back together!

“Ahh …………”

Wei Tao’s face was filled with a grimace of pain as he hissed miserably!

“Let’s go!” Chen Ping pulled up Su Yuqi’s hand and said softly.

Having just taken two steps, Su Yuqi turned back to Wei Tao and asked, “Who on earth told you this and made you come to Hongcheng?”

Su Yuqi was wondering who on earth had recruited Wei Tao from the provincial city, with Xiao Lei’s status, he simply did not have that ability to contact Wei Tao.