Phoenix Among Men Chapter 290

Ling Feng was staying at home, Ling Zhenchuan had been watching him very closely these past few days, and was not allowed to go out!

Ling Feng counted the time and frowned slightly: “This Wei Tao, how many days has it been, and there has been no movement at all?”

Ling Feng was a bit anxious, it had been several days, Wei Tao had not contacted him at all, proving that he had not yet succeeded, otherwise, with Wei Tao’s nature, he would have asked Ling Feng to make arrangements for the Wei family’s branch in Hongcheng.

Wang Hui was cooking in the kitchen when Ling Zhenchuan hurriedly walked in from outside.

Seeing that Ling Zhenchuan had returned, Wang Hui poked her head out of the kitchen and said, “Old Ling, why do you have time to come back for lunch today?”

“What to eat, something happened, I came back with that little something!”

Ling Zhenchuan’s face looked a little anxious!

“What’s happened?” Wang Hui walked out from the kitchen.

“That Xiao Lei of the Xiao family was killed, but that’s not the main thing, the main thing is that boy Wei Tao of the Wei family in the provincial city, also had his leg knocked off, he’s still in the hospital now, I guess the Wei family won’t be willing to give up this time!”

Ling Zhenchuan frowned tightly, the Wei family’s strength is not trivial, they are well known in both political and business circles, this time their son had an accident in Hongcheng, they will definitely not rest in peace!

“The Wei family’s kid, what is he doing here in Hongcheng? Who is so daring that even the Wei family’s kid dares to move?”

Wang Hui couldn’t help but burst out in shock!

And at this moment, when Ling Feng on the side heard this, his entire body just trembled in fear, his face turned pale!

“Don’t ask, I can’t tell you!”

Ling Zhenchuan waved his hand, he knew it was Chen Ping who did it, but Chen Ping had saved his life, Ling Zhenchuan didn’t want to reveal Chen Ping, he would see if he could help Chen Ping out by thinking of a way!

“Okay, I won’t ask, you should be careful yourself, don’t get into everything personally, Wei’s family dare to move, this man is afraid of doing anything!”

Wang Hui admonished Ling Zhenchuan, the person who could make a move against the Wei family, that must be a desperado who is not afraid of the sky and the earth.

Wow …………

Just as Wang Hui’s words finished, there was a sudden cracking sound.

Ling Feng fell to the ground with his water cup, trembling all over!

“Little Feng, what’s wrong with you?”

Wang Hui took one look at Ling Feng’s appearance and hurriedly went forward, touching Ling Feng’s forehead, “Why does your face look so ugly, are you sick?”

“Mom, I …… I’m fine, I’m going upstairs!”

Ling Feng stood up with a trembling body, ready to go upstairs!

Ling Zhenchuan frowned slightly, looking at Ling Feng like that, he seemed to be thinking about something!

Just then, the door to the room was pushed open and Chen Ping walked in with a step.

Chen Ping’s body carried a murderous aura, and a strong smell of blood, as soon as he entered after seeing Ling Feng, his eyes were mesmerized together!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Ling Zhenchuan shouted with a face full of confusion when he saw that it was Chen Ping who had come, and that he still smelled of blood!

And when Ling Feng saw Chen Ping appear, he instantly sat down on the ground, so scared that he almost P*ssed his trousers!

Seeing his son frightened like this, Ling Zhenchuan’s heart gave a shock as he seemed to understand something!

“Let me ask you, did you bring Wei Tao here and kidnap Yu Qi?”

Chen Ping ignored Ling Zhenchuan and walked straight up to Ling Feng and asked.

“What? Wei Tao, Wei Tao kidnapped Yu Qi?”

Ling Feng’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect this Wei Tao to dare to do this, Ling Feng hurriedly shook his head, “No, I didn’t let him kidnap Yu Qi, I really didn’t!”

Seeing how scared her son was, Wang Hui was a little distressed and said to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, is this a misunderstanding?”

“Shut up!” Ling Zhenchuan roared at Wang Hui before glaring at Ling Feng viciously, “Let me ask you, then why did Wei Tao come to Hongcheng, did you call him here?”