Phoenix Among Men Chapter 291

Ling Feng looked at his father that way and trembled in fear, but still nodded.

“b*****d, I told you to reflect at home, and you still don’t repent, I’ll beat you to death ……”

Ling Zhenchuan said, picking up the stool and smashing it fiercely on Ling Feng’s body, the stool shattered with a crash!

Chen Ping was slightly stunned, he also did not expect Ling Zhenchuan to hit his own son so hard, which made him a bit at a loss for what to say.

“Old Ling, stop it, you’re going to kill your son!”

Wang Hui tried desperately to stop Ling Zhenchuan.

But Ling Zhenchuan didn’t listen to him, so he punched Ling Feng in the face and beat him up, making him cry out!

“Mr. Chen, I will give you an explanation for this matter, and in addition to the Wei family’s matter, I will also find a way to hold it for Mr. Chen!”

Ling Zhenchuan looked towards Chen Ping and said.

“I will take care of the Wei family’s matter myself, so Mayor Ling need not worry about it!” Chen Ping continued after giving a glance at Ling Feng who had been beaten up miserably, “Lord Ling, forget about the lesson, let him learn his lesson!”

Chen Ping had originally come in a murderous rage, but seeing Ling Zhenchuan like this, his anger subsided, and he could only say that this Ling Feng really had a good parent.

Leaving Ling Zhenchuan’s house, Chen Ping once again rushed back to Su’s house, Su Yuqi must need some more comfort after what happened to her!

On the other hand, at the Hongcheng Hospital, during the night, the Wei family got the news that Wei Kun An, the head of the Wei family, had personally arrived with ten Wei family experts!

These ten men were all dressed in strong suits, their temples bulging, and at a glance, they were masters of masters!

Looking at his son on the hospital bed, Wei Kun An’s face was extremely ugly, a small Hong Cheng, there was still someone who dared to make a move against his son.

“Dad, you’re finally here, I’m ruined, my leg is ruined, I can’t be connected anymore!”

Seeing that Wei Kun An had arrived, Wei Tao burst into tears.

“Don’t f*cking cry, give me some sense!” Wei Kun An gave Wei Tao a fierce glare, “You even tied up Su’s girl, do you think you’re invincible?”

Seeing that Wei Kun An already knew the story.

Wei Tao was reprimanded and was so scared that he didn’t dare to speak, and after Wei Kunan was reprimanded, a trace of heartache flashed in his eyes, he only had one son, he usually held him in his hands, where had he ever suffered such a crime!

“Go and get the director of this hospital!”

Wei Kunan said to one of his men.

Soon, that man came in with a doctor wearing gla*ses and a white coat, and this man was the hospital director!

“You are the dean?” Wei Kun’an asked coldly.

“Mr. Wei, I am, I am the dean!”

The dean said with his legs trembling in fear.

“How is my son’s leg?”

“Mr. Wei, Mr. Wei’s leg was smashed by someone using external force and shattered the entire calf bone, there is no way to put it back together, he will have to rely on crutches from now on!” The dean carefully explained.

“Rubbish!” Wei Kun An gave that dean a fierce slap, “I don’t care what method you use, fix my son’s leg or I’ll kill your whole family!”

Poof …………

The dean knelt on the ground and begged bitterly, “Mr. Wei, our hospital is really out of options, you can let Mr. Wei go to a big hospital or go abroad, maybe there will be a solution, even if you kill me, there is nothing I can do!”

Wei Kun An looked at the dean that way and knew that this hospital really had no way out, so he didn’t make things difficult for the dean, but ordered to his subordinates, “Go prepare the car, send the young master back to the provincial city for treatment!”

Soon, Wei Tao was sent away, while Wei Kun An looked at the night scene of Hong Cheng, his eyes were full of indifference and said, “If you dare to waste my son’s leg, then I will let the whole Hong Cheng to be buried with you!