Phoenix Among Men Chapter 293

“Don’t you think I don’t dare to kill you ……”

Wei Kunan frowned, a sharp dagger in his hand, directly against Su Wenzong’s neck!

Feeling the tinge of coolness from the dagger, Su Wenzong’s legs began to tremble, no one is not afraid of death, at this moment Su Wenzong was also afraid, but he couldn’t hand Chen Ping over!

“Mr. Wei, how come you came all the way to Hongcheng without informing the old man, so I can give Mr. Wei a good reception …………”

Just as Wei Kun An was holding a dagger against Su Wen Zong’s neck, suddenly a cheerful voice came, and Gu Wen Tian hurriedly arrived!

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the dagger in Wei Kun’an’s hand and say, “Mr. Wei, you’ve just arrived in Hongcheng and you’re using a knife and a gun, so let’s sit down and talk.

Gu Wentian went up and took the dagger from Wei Kun’an’s hand.

Gu Wentian used to be an official in the provincial capital, so he had some friendship with Wei Kunan, but now that he had retired, his influence was much less!

But Wei Kun’an also gave face to Gu Wentian and sat back down!

“Mr. Su, you sit down too, let’s talk about something!”

Gu Wentian acted as a peacemaker and told Su Wenzong to sit down as well!

Su Wenzong nodded and sat down as well, just as Gu Wentian had said.

Su Wen Zong knew that with the strength of the Su family, it would definitely not be able to fight the Wei family, so he deliberately notified Gu Wentian to come over and mediate between them!

If it could be resolved with money and without having to fight and kill, it could not be better, Su Wenzong did not want to die either!

“I think we should let Mr. Su set up a table and apologize to you in public, in addition to compensate Mr. Wei, you have said the number, as long as the Su family can afford it, I believe Mr. Su will not refuse! ”

After sitting down, Gu Man Tian followed Wei Kun An with a smile on his face and said.

“Ancient, do you think my Wei family is short of money?”

Wei Kun An said with the corner of his mouth raised.

“This …………” Gu Wentian was choked for a moment, his face flashed a hint of embarra*sment, but quickly continued to laugh, “The Wei family is rich and powerful, of course Not bad money, Mr. Wei, tell me, what do we have to do in this matter to make you happy now!”

“Hand over the person who ruined my son’s leg, in addition that Su Yuqi to take care of my son, it is because of her that my son has become like this!”

Wei Kun An looked at Su Wen Zong coldly and made a very excessive demand.

It looked like he was intentionally provoking that Su Wenzong!

Sure enough, after hearing Wei Kun An’s request, Su Wen Zong slammed the table and said, “Impossible, your son kidnapped my daughter, and now you want my daughter to take care of him, don’t dream, if you have the guts, you can kill me now!”

“You think I wouldn’t dare!” As soon as Wei Kun An’s words fell, those ten Wei family experts instantly surrounded Su Wen Zong.

“Mr. Wei, calm down for a moment, give the old man a thin face, we …………”

“Calling you ancient, even if it’s to give you face, this matter is out of your hands, you can’t afford it, don’t force me to make a move on you too!”

Not waiting for Gu Wentian to finish, Wei Kunan said coldly.

This time, Gu Mantian was embarra*sed, his body was shaking with anger and his face was red, but there was nothing he could do!

Now that he had retired, as the saying goes, his tea was cold, and he had no influence in the provincial city.