Phoenix Among Men Chapter 294

Just when Gu Mantian was helpless and the atmosphere at the scene was tense, suddenly the door of the private room was pushed open again and a middle-aged man in a suit walked in!

This man was none other than Ling Zhenchuan, the hand of Hongcheng, who had rushed over at the first opportunity after getting wind of Wei Kunan’s arrival in Hongcheng!

“Wei Kun An, this is Hong Cheng, not the provincial city, so you just casually hurt people in my territory, is this not putting me in your eyes?”

Ling Zhenchuan looked at those Su family bodyguards on the ground and asked with a cold face.

The fact that Ling Zhenchuan had come made Wei Kunan slightly surprised, he didn’t expect a Su family to be able to alarm the hand of Ling Zhenchuan, although the Su family was the richest in Hongcheng, they didn’t have the strength to make the hand of the city come out!

He didn’t know that Ling Zhenchuan had come, not for the Su family, but for Chen Ping!

“Mayor Ling, I hope you won’t interfere in this matter, do your job as mayor properly, we don’t cross the river in well water!”

Wei Kun An was a little surprised that Ling Zhen Chuan had come, but he wasn’t afraid of Ling Zhen Chuan, a small mayor of Hong Cheng, Wei Kun An didn’t put it in his eyes, when he was in the provincial city, which of the officials who accompanied Wei Kun An for dinner and drinks were not higher in position than him, Ling Zhen Chuan!

“This is my place, I have the responsibility to protect the safety of the people of Hongcheng, you hurt people here, I can send someone to arrest you right away, if you don’t want to make things bigger, you take your people and leave, I’ll pretend this matter didn’t happen!”

Ling Zhenchuan was furious at Wei Kunan’s attitude!

“Hahahaha, what a joke!” Wei Kun An burst out laughing, “I’ll just sit here, if you have the guts, ask someone to arrest me, and if you don’t obediently send me out then, I, Wei Kun An, will take your surname!”

Wei Kun An did not have the slightest respect for Ling Zhen Chuan, itself because of the matter of building a branch in Hong Cheng, Ling Zhen Chuan always obstructed, making the Wei family’s branch in Hong Cheng delayed, this already made Wei Kun An very dissatisfied, now how could he give face to Ling Zhen Chuan.

“You …………” Ling Zhenchuan’s face turned red and he gnashed his teeth in anger!

“Do your mayor well, benefit your Hongcheng people, this matter is out of your hands, otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep your black hat!”

Wei Kunan was arrogant to the extreme, the richest man in Hongcheng, Su’s family, the first hand of the city, Ling Zhenchuan and Gu Wentian were all here, Wei Kunan didn’t take it into consideration in the slightest, because the Wei family had the strength to be arrogant!

The atmosphere was once again frozen, no one spoke, the entire private room was filled with a solemn aura!

Knock knock …………

Suddenly, a chaotic sound of footsteps came, Lin Tianhu rushed into the private room with dozens of people, seeing Su Wenzong surrounded by ten Wei family experts, Lin Tianhu’s face turned cold as he led dozens of people to follow the Wei family experts to confront each other, protecting Su Wenzong to death behind him!

Su Wenzong was now considered half of Chen Ping’s old man, so Lin Tianhu did not dare to let Su Wenzong slip up.

Seeing that Lin Tianhu had actually brought someone with him, Wei Kunan was not surprised, but instead laughed out loud, “Hahahaha, it’s getting more and more interesting, even Hong City’s underground emperor Lin Tianhu has come, the few people here today, I’m afraid this is the biggest line-up in Hong City, right?”

“Wei Kunan, a strong dragon can’t suppress a snake on the ground, even if you are a dragon that has crossed the river, if you dare to cause trouble in Hong City, I will make you have no return!”

Lin Tianhu looked at Wei Kunan angrily, not the slightest fear in his eyes.

After taking the Power Gathering Pill, Lin Tianhu’s strength had increased, making him much bolder, especially after following Chen Ping for this period of time and seeing Chen Ping’s strength, he became even more fearless!

If this were in the past, even if Lin Tianhu had been given a few guts, he wouldn’t have dared to follow Wei Kunan, the head of the Wei family, and speak like this, for the two were not even on the same level!